Full Project – The impact of effective communication on managerial performance in the private sector

Full Project – The impact of effective communication on managerial performance in the private sector

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This section of the report deals with the historical background of the study, the historical background of Chibuzor Hospital, it also narrates the statement of problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, research questions, scope and limitations of the study.


Effective communication is and always has been an important feature in enhancing excellent managerial performance. Communication is the lifeblood of every phase of organization life. The basic theory of effective communication dictates that everyone in an organization should have all the information he needs to perform his job properly. Manager’s communication skill creates a climate for good human relations and provides effective motivations for employees.

According in little (1965:113) communication is the process by which information is passed between individuals and organization by means of previously agreed symbols. In other words, it is the exchange of ideas, facts, and opinions by two or more people.

Shaughnessy (1976:209) sees communication as the means by which information is passed from one person to the decisions makers and resulting decisions passed to these involved in executing them without superior or subordinates communication, there could be no organization since it would be impossible to get people to do in a coordinating way. People would be linked together or abstract chain of command but acting without chain of understanding.

Management in some organization seems incapable of communication effectiveness and successful with the work done.

Subordinates do not comprehend what they are told by superiors and the administrator does not hear clearly through what the subordinates are trying to tell him, when such situation arises, productivity will fall drastically. Therefore, managers should be greatly concerned with information system and how they are working.

According to Onuta (1991:89) daily contract between subordinates and superiors is the most important and suddenly used method of communication. The need together free flow of message through open channels of communication on which in a firm is essential for the smooth running of the organizational machinery. The success of any organization depends on the caliber of its administrative managers. Where a manager’s communication is poor, coordination is poor, since coordination implies that people and manager has to interpret information generated by his subordinates and pass such information either upwards or horizontal to his superior and peer respectively.

In this way, they improve managerial performance. Hence, the information must be understandable between the sender / code and the receiver / decoder and must be acted upon before we say that communication process has been completed.

It is for the fore-going reason that research work center ground is based on “The Impact of Effective Communication on Managerial Performance in Chibuzor Hospital, Anambra State”. In this organization, the researcher tends to find out the extent in which communication is effective and know communication when effective, can improve the performance of managers.

Chibuzor Hospital was established in the year 1998

By a renowned Physician Dr. C. B Anene. The hospital is well known for effective delivering of qualitative healthcare services to the community. It has a staff size of about thirty medical workers. It comprises of resident doctors, nurses, laborers, etc. It is situated along Federal Polytechnic Oko Road. Effective communication has accelerated the managerial indices of the hospital. In order to have a successful business with administrative and technical staff, effective communication becomes imperative.



No society or organization can exist for more than a few days without communication.

Lack of effective communication has always been a major problem hampering the performance of managers in the organization, with particular to private sector.

The absence of this, his always create a big gap that needed to be filled. This has brought about: low productivity, non-accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives, low-profit attainment etc.It hinders the work going on in an organization through which orders and instructions are given. Without effective communication, identity or co –operation cannot be easily communicated and also goals cannot be clearly and concisely communicated/ stated.  Thus, which might even lead to the shutdown  of the  organization.


The broad objectives of this study is to determine the role of effective communication in improving managerial performance, as well as, creating possible ways of maintaining effective communication in an organization.

The objectives are therefore being stated below:

  1. To identify communication problems faced by the managers in the medical establishment.
  2. To suggest means by which method of communication can be improved.
  3. To know how effective communication helps in improving managerial performance.
  4. To ascertain when managerial performance is poor and what effective communication is.



  1. What is the role of effective communication in an organization?
  2. Is there any lack of effective communication between the managers and subordinates on managerial performance?
  3. What are the problems of effective communication in an organization?
  4. Does effect ineffective communication leads to organizational problems?



Every organization believes in the value of good staff on it few and up getting it right.

Therefore, it is pertinent to give considerable attention to these problems.

  1. Be of great use to anybody, who intends to work in an organization, not to ignore effective communication to excellent managerial performance.
  2. Expose managers on the need for effective communication.
  3. Improve communication system in an organization
  4. Serves as an instrument of social interacting through which relationships are established extended and sustained between managers and workers and the public.



This study “The Impact of Effective Communication on Managerial Performance” is centered only in Chibuzor Hospital Oko, Anambra State. The researcher has no intention to study the impact of effective communication in other business organization, because every necessary information and facts will be provided by the organization.



Despite, the limited scope of this research, it was   affected with certain constraints, which are as follows:

  1. TIME: In research of this type, a lot of time is needed by given the short time allowed for this study; it was not possible to do all that was required and necessary.
  2. RESOURCES: For the reason that I have no source of my own income where to obtain funds, collect enough data for the work, reductions was made in the quality of my work but the research work will be at normal quality, which means that the research work will make sense.
  3. TRANSPORTATION: Due to the  high cost  of transportation fare caused by bad roads and the  distance where the hospital is situated, it was not possible to visit the hospital always in collection of more data


COMMUNICATION: Sending, giving or exchange of information and ideas

ORGANIZATION: An association or society, people working together to achieve an aim / goal.

GRAPEVIEW: An unofficial network of communication by which gossip and information and speed.

CHANNEL: The course of agency through which communication passes.

SYSTEM: Orderly inter-connected  method of organization.

DESTINATION: The phase to which a person or thing is going process: Series of acts or changes proceeding from one to the next.

GESTURE: A movement of the body or how to express an emption or intention.

SOCIAL DISTANCE: The distance between people who have different social backgrounds such as education, wealth and religious persuasions.

PERFORMANCE: The accomplishment of a given task measured against present known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed.

PRIVATE SECTOR: It is the part of the economy that is not state controlled. It is run by individuals and companies for profit.It encompasses all for profit businesses, which are not owned or operated by the government.



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Full Project – The impact of effective communication on managerial performance in the private sector