Full Project – The Effect Of Mother Tongue Interference In The Study Of Integrated Science In Junior Secondary Schools

Full Project – The Effect Of Mother Tongue Interference In The Study Of Integrated Science In Junior Secondary Schools

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This research focuses on unveiling the effect of mother tongue interference in integrated science. This implies finding out how far the mother tongue has interfered with the use of integrated science, which could be very negative or positive. Historically, the advert of the British colonist in Nigeria brought about the introduction of integrated science in the country. Also, the introduction of the western education in the country facilitated and aided the general acceptance of integrated science in Nigeria and today in Nigeria, integrated science has not only gained prominence but it is dominating other languages in the country. In fact, it has become the lingua franca of the country. Meanwhile, integrated science has several stipulated functions and purposes which it serves. This function includes Verbal communication which encompasses intra-personal communication, inter-personal communication and mass communication. Another function is written communication and personal interaction with other people. It becomes obvious that the mother that the mother tongue interferes tremendously in the use of the language. Mother tongue means the language that you first learn to speak when you are still a child.

According to Ugwu (2003). “the mother tongue interferes in integrated science in two areas  that is in sound and intonation respectively, He stressed that when one is spoken through the medium of a particular language or read what has been printed on a paper on a particular language, he or she only makes meaning out of what he or she has heard or read if the hearer or reader shares knowledge of the same language with the speaker or the writer.” On the other hand, it is observed that in our everyday discussion, the voice of the people speaking to us and every of our responses usually go up and down as we combine the vowels and consonants in our communication. These voices patterns help us to appreciate or disapprove of what we have heard or spoken. Therefore, these two factors which make the voice pattern, reveal the meaning of the spoken word to the hearer is the area where the mother tongue interferes with integrated science. Hence, the voice pattern which is intonation of both the integrated science and mother tongue vary and there is interference. it is understood that the major obstacle in the learning of integrated science by our student is the interference of the mother tongue which student of area of study are not exempted. The interference of the mother tongue on integrated science could be phonological, lexical and syntactic.

According to Eka, D. (2002) “he states that in terms of structural influence, every individual mother tongue produces a unique effect.”Adekunle  (2004) states that interference implies; the arrangement of patterns that results from the introduction of foreign element into the more highly structured domains of languages, such as the back of the phonemic system, a large part of the morphology and syntax, and some area of the vocabulary. It is therefore believed that interference phenomenon affects learner’s performance in the target language which is integrated science. The problem of the students can be categorized into the following interference of mother tongue into the integrated science, translation wholesomely from mother tongue to integrated science.


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Full Project – The Effect Of Mother Tongue Interference In The Study Of Integrated Science In Junior Secondary Schools