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This research study is to carefully look at the Challenge of Teaching Christian Religious Studies and its impact on the students, a case study of Egba Comprehensive High School, Asero, Abeokuta Ogun State. It was done to unveil the various challenges that have arisen due to misplaced priority of both the government and Education Policy Makers in the area of moral standard of the students in secondary schools. The researcher has established the biblical perspectives on importance of religious studies in the ancient Jews both in the Old and New Testament and how it applies to the modern society to achieve a sane and healthy society. The research method and information were gathered from textbooks, Journals and Articles, Encyclopedias, Bible Dictionaries and internet. Also questionnaire was administered and oral interview were conducted. The researcher concluded that As much as emphasis is placed on the teaching strong Biblical truth to our children from cradle just as God commanded the Israelites to teach His words to their children so must we place emphasis on the categories of people that will teach this subject and the environment under which it would be taught. Recommendations were made by the researcher that both the government and the Parents Teachers Association must rise to salvage the teaching of Christian Religious Studies in Schools and that special interest be placed on both the teachers and teaching aids to achieve greater results in impacting the lives of the students.




  • Background to the Study

Osokoya defines Education as “a continues process which the society establishes to assist its members understand the heritage of the past and to participate productively in the future”

Education can majorly be divided into two. These are formal and informal Education. Informal Education is a traditional Educational process of making one understand the heritage of the past and be productive in the future. This is mostly done among families, friends, siblings and neighbors of the community. Formal Education is the official type of Education brought into Nigeria by the Missionaries in the Nineteenth Century. It is organized in stages and received within the particular Educational institution.

The missionaries on their arrival to Nigeria through the invitation of the Yoruba emirate from Seria Leone to Badagry in Lagos State had the intention to teach the people the fear of the Lord and get them converted to Christianity but, it was not easy so, schools had to be built to start teaching the people to read and write. Gradually, Christian Religious Studies was introduced and the fear of God began to grow in the life of the people. Christian Religious Studies is a subject to learn and also a way of life. This changes the perspective of many people from their old way of life. There as trust among the people, and love was seen radiating in relationships, people enjoy peace within and even in the Community.

There was prosperity because people were thought to love one another. Through Christian Religious Studies which is one of the religious studies taught in Nigeria Secondary Schools, people’s moral and spiritual standard of living in the society was ensured. The high rate of decrease in moral level in Nigeria now shows that there is poor rate of Religious Teaching in Nigeria Secondary Schools today.

  • Statement of the problem

The statement of the problem could be broadly defined into five areas:

  1. When the Nigeria Government took over the educational system, there was review

in the Nigeria Secondary Scholl curriculum and attention was placed more on science and technology. This shift affect Students interest in Christian Religious Studies and also led to low enrolment.

  1. Poor provision of teaching aids, this is due to the diversion of Nigeria Government    in education, teachers are not given necessary materials to teach as expected.
  2. Lack of professional teachers, people do not study Christian Religious Studies as    specialized course again. Only people with the idea now teach the subject, very    little time is allocated to teach Christian Religious Studies.
  3. Lack of incentives, there is no encouragement from any end for teaching Christian    Religious Studies.
  4. Students are made to believe that, Christian Religious Studies is easy to pass, the    moment one is a Cristian.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to:

i     Find out how Christian Religious Studies was introduced into Nigeria educational    Curriculum.

ii     To bring out the usefulness and impact of Christian Religious Studies on people

iii     The side effect of not teaching Christian Religious Studies in schools on the people    and the community.

iv     Examine people’s perception to the challenges and effect of teaching Christian    Religious Studies from the teachers and students.

1.4 Significance of the Study    

This research write-up is aimed at:

  1. Uncovering the benefits of teaching Christian Religious Studies in our Secondary Schools
  2. Intimating both the Principals and Teachers of Egba Comprehensive High School of the imperativeness of inculcating religious values in the students of the school
  3. Intimating the Students of Egba Comprehensive High School of the importance of imbibing religious values in their life.
  4. Informing the management and staff of Egba Comprehensive High School of the need to making the teaching of Christian Religious Studies attractive to students and to make the learning environment of the subject conducive.
  5. Ensuring that other schools also tap into the benefits of inculcating religious values in their students.
  6. The findings of the research, the recommendation and solution to the challenges could positively affect the people and the community to improve the moral life of people and as well live the life of Christ.

1.5 Delimitation to the Study


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