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Organization both profit and non- profit oriented need funds       (financial assets) for their numerous operations. That is why all          organizations irrespective of their legal forms, device a means their       day- to –day operations. The funds sourced are not normally kept idle by the organization rather they are either being re invested to         generate future profit or consumed immediately to achieve the         origination day to day goals hence the word “ source and application   of funds” in accounting profession

Source and application of funds simply means the various avenues          available to an organization thought which it source it’s financial        assets and all  the outlet through which the sourced financial assets     leaves the coffers of the organization

In recent past, government pareastalal which institute of       management and technology is one, depended revenue grants in    forms of subvention for few existence and growth, in this era of     privatization, the government has decided to shade off it’s financial          responsibilities in almost government paratatal so as to concentrate         in it’s constitutional role of providing enabling environment for      economic activities to thrive. This scenario has left many   government paratatal in total financial drought

For instance, the immediate lost years in the which institute of        management and technology has been a hectic one as financial       starvation meted to it by the government has left the which  institute with the following identifiably problems;-

1)      Constant face off between management and trade union in respect regular payment of salaries

11)    Lack of promotion to staff that are due to be promoted

111)  inability to maintain their fixed assets such as

a)       Building

b)      Motor vehicle

c)       Furniture and fittings

1V)    inability to settle their other numerous over heard costs

V)      Absence of non structures to replace the dilapidated once etc

The colossal nature of these problems enumerated above made the           institute of management and technology IMT various avenue of     source for the following

I)       Creation of non–existing charges such as accreditation fees, development fees and upward review of other existing charges;

ii)      Carrying out aggressive campaign to increase the number of students       intake by reaching out to all seventeen local government in the state     and beyond

iii)     Scaling down the work force

iv)     Denial of promotion to staff those are due to be promoted

those member yielded a  positive result as a report is issued by       admission department shows that nearly  over 20,000 student were       admitted in this academic year and the management can now pay    their monthly salary bills of over 39 million naira and other overhead     cost. But the sustainability of the current trend is fillgloomy as the          funds sourced from these measures would be applied in solving short      term problem which is mainly revenue in nature. While capital           projects would be unattended to based on this it has become of           paramount importance that a re appraised of all sourced of fund           available to IMT and how the fund sourced would be applied be    made to funds for it’s capital and revenue expenditure.

Hence my choice of this topic source and application of funds I a   government parastatal” A case study of institute of management and        technology IMT Enugu. Those research is concern with exposing the        source and application of funds.


Most organization both profit and non profit oriented has problem          knowing how to raise funds for their operation and most often fail    utilize the available funds. The following problem below are found as obesities inherent in sources and application of funds in institute of management and technology IMT enugu.

i)       it was difficult to know the extent steady sources of fund had made         (I.M.T ) scale down it’s cout force.

ii)      I.M.T funds it difficult to erect new structures show as class-room student intake

iii)     it was difficult to know wetter I.M.T  applies the funds it sourced in        most appropriate manner,

iv)    the impact of government discontinued finding to I.M.T  was          unknown Objectives/


THIS research topic ‘socures and application of funds in government      parasratal was set towards establishing the following objectives:

i)                   to ascertain the extent the lack of steady source of funds had made IMT scale down it’s work force

ii)                to find out  how difficult it was to IMT  to put up new class room blocks in retaliation to number of student in take

iii)              to know whatever IMT applies the fund its scoured in most appropriate manner

iv)              to determine  the impact of government discontinued finding to IMT financial stability

v)                 to ascertain why staffers not promoted when due

vi)              to keep the extent IMT management their fixed asset


This research work is limited to the source of funds available to IMT       enugu and how such funds ar4e expended the study will examine         reports covering from (2000 to 2005)

the major constraints of this project re money, tine and materials.   Each of these factors in addition to secrecy  exhibited by some staff     of the institute.


To guide the study six research question were formulated as follows

0                   What extent does the lack of steady source of funds made imt scale down its workforce?

1                   To what extent does imt used it’s sourced fund to erect new class room blocks in relative to the number of the student in –take

2                   Does IMT soured it’s fund internally or externally

3                   To what extent does IMT apply the fund if sourced in most appropriate manner

4                   Does the fund sourced goes payment of staff salaries only

6        Does the fund sourced goes solve some management problem like erecting of class room blocks setting their other numerous over heard cost, equipping  student library maintaining their fixed assets such  as building, motor vehicles furniture  and fittings etc.


To guide the study four researches were formulated as follows

I        what extent does the lack of steady source of funds made imt scale down its workforce?

II       To what extent does imt used its sourced fund to erect new class room blocks in relative to the number of the student in –take


1.       Application; –       This means were these funds money sourced,      what it is flashed for

2         Source; –    place from which something comes or is obtained nova’s starting points,

3 Prasatal             companies’ bodies or government bodies or institutions

4 I.M.T; –              institute of management and technology imt enugu .



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