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This research project is very crucial study for petals Ltd. The study was motivated by the necessity of packaging as promotional tools in the marketing of beauty care products. This research project aimed at the following.
a. To identify packaging as a promotional in order to increase sales and profitability of the product.
b. To determine whether a good packaging can help improve a brand image
c. To determine whether a good packaging can helped to increase its sales
d. To determine whether a good packaging serve as a substitute to advertising
The population for study comprises of the personnel of peals Ltd distribution and consumer of Petals Beauty Care the researcher used for data collection were questionnaires and oral interview. Tables and percentages were used in presenting and analyzing to data collected. The chi-square statistics was used to test the various hypotheses. The overall promotool adopted by Petals has helped to increase sales and profitability of the products tremendously.
Based on the fining the research recommence the following. The company should.
1. Be unique in packaging design
2. Choose the type packaging that must be assessed against its attributed during the appraisal of the design proposals.
3. They should have it in mind that packaging is a complement to media advertisement
4. Since the company know that properly designed packaging serves as a constant reminder of the fries production. It is recommended that it should incorporate all those things that will project the company’s image. The conclusion of the study of the Petals Beauty Care which is one of the leading cosmetics produce by petals Nigeria limited has been successful and in order to keep up its marketing of the product the company should use a properly designed attractive and captivating package .



The word of marketing today is a world of unprecedented competition where company with foods and service to offer to the general public has to work extra hand to service such company must adopt to sound marketing mix in order to compete favourable
The basic agreed of marketing mix is the product development and product mix. The product mix or component is however not complete without packaging.
Throughout the world packaging plays a significant role in the protection goods and durable it helps in the storage reduces damage and loose to good in to amount and minimizes pilferage.
Traditionally packages have been viewed in a very utilitarian fashion that is as a way of protecting the physical goods as it moves through the distribution channel however packaging in developing nation would sound to be out of place whom we still see market women and trader wrap their wares with banana leaves used newspaper and green haves. These traditional methods of packaging natives standing the need for packaging is growing fast and cannot be overemphasized. In recent times marketers have been concerns of the fact that packaging is important in the decision to purchase a product. Emphasize have therefore been shift form the traditional belief of manufactures that packaging is meant for protecting a product only it can now be sun that in most of the super-market various colour full and indigenous packager are used especially whether products are competing for attention.
According to the contribution of Professor Julinus Onah in the book mass media and marketing communication principles persecutions and practices edited by Dr. Ikechukwu Nwosu (1996) where a survey was conducted in Nigeria “usable when empty” demanded the elements of package appeal with 36.9% frequency of mention. When the respondents were asked to indicate the type of packaging plastic (46.9% and glass (30.5%) came top most in the list (Nkeora & Associates 1970). However packaging is not important only in after was service the success of the modern supermarket derives primarily operation at establishment of self service operation at such a small net profit figure is dependent upon the movement of good based on packaging.
Packaging could said to exist in all field of human activity. The marketing consultant who tastefully furnishes his office is trying to packaging both by his client. Also the young single girl who uses cosmetic to enhance her beauty is packaging herself for greater acceptance by the wife seeking bachelor.
The aim of this research work therefore is to examine the use of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care product. Also it aims at finding out to what salient features that make it potent respect for competition.

Despite the increasing popularity of packaging in the promotion of goods and service one cannot but agree that there are areas of problem which need to be studies. Though some business organization are not using packaging to promote their wares yet many business organizations in Nigeria concentrated element in the marketing mix. The performance of their marketing activities. The rate at which wares or product are being advertised one many be forced to ask question bothering on the use of packaging.
In the application of marketing mix many companies are faced with one problem of the other. It will not be out of place that they are confronted with packaging related problems . such problem among other may be the following
There is the need to know whether packaging to good promotional tool: Whether it effect consumer buying decision whether it project the image of a company and whether statute for advertisement. Does the packaging determinants of sale of the that products

The main objectives of this study is to critically assess the area of problems and seek the profit salutation
It is therefore necessary to find out the impact of a change in the package of a product the studies will find out group other whether packaging has a positive effect on the buying habit and decision of consumer. To determine whether the company is image is being projected through its packaging policy to what extent producer are considering packaging in their product decision.

In determining the use of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care product some null hypothesis otherwise know as tentative statements have to be tested it is only when such statement are tested by way of asking relevant questions that solutions could be proffered to likely problems in the study.
When there tentative statement are tested and found to be correct then they are accepted but where they are found to be otherwise such statement are rejected.
The following tentative statement will therefore be tested to find out there validity
1. Ho: (Null hypothesis): good package cannot serve as a substitute to
Hi: (Alternative hypothesis) A good package can serve as substitute to
2. Ho: An attractive package does not creates impulse buying
Hi: An attractive package does cerate impulse buying
3. Ho: Package is not a silent salespersons
Hi: Package is a silent salespersons
4. Ho: A good packaging policy cannot improve a brand image
Hi: A good packaging policy can help improve a brand image
5. Ho: A beautify packaging design cannot attract consumer
Hi: A beautify packaging design can attract consumer

This research work is significance in the sense that the outcome will go along way to solve the research problem. It will show the importance of packaging as promotional tool to both consumer and companies.
To the company it will show the effect of packaging as a promotional tool in the marketing of their product.
To the consumer it will show that package is part of the product brought by them.

Generally speaking all areas of human endeavour are characterized by some limiting factors. The successful completion with the following limitation.
Time and cost could be a major militating factor. The limited time that will be used for the research work might not provide room for accuarncy and reliability of the result. One might have to make return visits top the respondents before getting the questionnaires answered which will involved increased transportation cost.
The small number of sample taken might also be a limiting factors on their research work because larger sample lend themselves to more reliability and ensure sound validity of the result.

The scope of this research work is narrowed to the use of packaging as an effective promotional tool in the marketing of beauty care product as it related to impulse buying projecting company’s imaged and its effect as a silent salesperson. It will cover it marketing of beauty care products and effect of promotional efforts.

Franemm industry limited marketing of petals cosmetic limited was establisher in 1992. it is owned by Mr. Francis Nwakama. He is the present meaning director of the company. It started as one man business but now it has many branches all the country. Nwakama held from Anambra state and is married with children
The organization commenced manufacturing of petals range of cosmetics products but today petals is a held name in Nigeria as he operate the nation as in all ECOWAS state. He is still making moves to develop new markets.
A national distribution network is maintained to ensure that the product are available all over the country.
Petals products are reputed for quality and most of its brands have become household adhered to in order to ensure that petal products are consistency dependable.
Framemm cosmetics industry is a well established company to reckon with in terms of beauty care products produced for consumer use. It is one of the leader in the cosmetics industry.

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