Full Project – Motivation as a tool for improving employees performance

Full Project – Motivation as a tool for improving employees performance

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It is well known that the organization whether profit or non-profit oriented need employee to perform well and set certain standard that will lead to achievements of goals.

For organization to achieve this, it has to motivate and influence the behavior of employees through incentives and rewards

Motivation is defined as the driving force without an individual’s behavior as well as account for the level, direction and persistence of effort expanded. Motivation can also be seen as the force that influence an individual’s behavior and habit.it is an extensive subject in the field of psychology

Motivation is classified into two types;

  • Intrinsic motivation is generated by informal factor
  • Extrinsic motivation is generated external motivation.

Motivation plays a key role in a place where the effective performance of an employee is concerned.

Organization key into extrinsic type of motivation in order to influence employee behavior for better performance and higher productivity. This they do through using motivational tool in which motivational tool are in monetary or non- monetary form.

They include advancement opportunity in the organization,good salary wages and job security,adequate medical care, canteen services, vacation and holiday practices, housing, transportation human attitude towards employee, physical working condition, pension scheme etc. Rewards and incentive could be used to be the summary of motivational tools listed above, which are made to achieve the following purposes;

To persuade people to come work

Encourage people to work harder when they’re at work

To help identify people with the objective of the organization

To show management appreciation to employees contribution to the survival of the organization

However, it is a common problem that the refusal employees or management to meet the needs of workers have always course dissatisfaction.

According to device (1973)”the surest sign of deteriorating condition in an organization is job dissatisfaction.The results which are grievance,low productivity, disciplinary problem and organization difficulties in essence various studies have shown that,there is correction between reward and performance incentive system coupled with appropriate reward have a tendency to influence employees productivity in an organization.In fact through attractive incentives or rewards system workers will be more satisfied with their jobs and hence put their best so that organizational goals will be achieved perfectly and on time.  However, several authors have come to associate performance with the type of reward system and incentive available for the employees,the more the need of workers are met within the organization through appropriate reward system or motivation,the more likely that they will motivated to work and satisfy the need of organization

Consequently,the problem of how to work harder for the interest of the organization and for their interest becomes a fundamental issue. In fact the issue of how productivity and mobilization of employees,have been of major concern to management and administrators in industrial organization management is always concerning with findings effective ways to ensuring that workers perform their best at the shortest possible time while workers are concern with reward and security before other things.

Therefore,in this study, the researchers is going to look at motivation as a tool for improvement employees performance using Nigerian Breweries Aba, Abia state as a case .the research/ incentives can be administered so as to motivate and improve the performance of employees.


Work organizes with the problem of how obtain more effort of employees.The employees have traded to avoid giving their best unless adequately compensation by way of appropriate reward incentives. Earlier studies have shown that group of people at work promotes their own interest, recognition,reward and incentive,and therefore act uniformly. It is also certain that people are unpredictable. Therefore, the researcher in this study seeks to investigate the correction between reward and performance in the company(Nigerian Breweries). Base on the above,the problem poses certain question like; Dose the reward scheme in the company motivates employees and improves their performance?


The objective of this study is to;

  • To examine the native if the reward scheme in the company
  • To determine ways through which staff will be rewarded to enhance their performance in the organization.
  • To ascertain the effect of the reward system on the individual and organization.


Some questions have been developed by the researchers on the issue of motivation as way of improving employee’s performance in the company of study.These questions will be analyzed in the course of the research and answer to then will be sought.

What is the native of the reward scheme in the company?

In what way can staff be rewarded to enhance employee’s performance in the company?

What are the effects of reward on the performance of the employees and the company in general?


This study is significance in many respects,first,the findings will aid the company / organization reward their hardworking employees.

Secondly, employees will be assisted to adopt the most appropriate reward that will motivate employees for better performance in this area of trade unionism. It is also expected that by this effort, every individual performance will be rewarded according to his or her achievement. In other words, reward should be geared towards achieving greater outcome, if the goal of the company is given reward irrespective of the performance, build frustration and lack of commitment on the part of employees. This study shall also focus on why rewards should be based on individual performance and achievement rather than on any other factors.




Motivation as a tool for improvement employees performance is an extensive topic whose study is all-embracing and mighty require an extensive research based on this, the research is restricted to study of a study form.

However, some of the facts collected were to reflect the three position of the company and its impact on workers performance.


Despite the scope of the research,it was affected by certain limitations which are;

Time: A research of this native requires a lot of time,but given the short time allowed for the study,it was not possible to do all that was required and necessary.

Finance: Due to harsh economic conditions enough finance was not readily available to do all that was required.

Information constraints: Getting the needed information was not easy. This is because the personal concerns don’t want to let go the information that bothers on the life of the company.

Delay in findings: Due to lack of confidence on individual’s perspective,it has been difficult finding correct and utmost data.


Company: is a commercial business

Organization: is a group of people who have come together to pursue a common goal.

Management: This is the process by which a corporate group plans,organize, direct and control resources towards achieving common goals.

Employer: A person or company that engages the service or effects of people.

Employee: An individual who render services or give effects in production process in a company or organization.

Psychology: The study of human mind and it’s functions

Finance: Incentive: this is an incentive given to an employee in the form of money to motivate him or her.

Reward: a thing given in recognition of service ,efforts or achievements.

Output: this is the amount of something that a person, machine or an organization produces.

Productivity: this is efficiency especially in industry measure by comparing the amount produced with the time and resources used to produce them.



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Full Project – Motivation as a tool for improving employees performance