Full Project – Design and implementation of web-based student information system

Full Project – Design and implementation of web-based student information system

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  • Introduction

There is an outgrowing need for electronic accessories in a world where there are great necessity speed efficiency and perfection of work. Information factor of efficiency access to electronic devices and relevant information is usually considered in the setting up of a relational database for a local network. An intranet is a private network set up by an organization or company that reassemble the www (Worldwide Web) but which is not accessible by external users.


The internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, the radio and the computer set. The stage for this unprecedented integration of capability. The intranet is at once a location-based broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regards for extensive location.


Now, the internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. Starting with the early stage of research in packet switching, the government, industry and academic institutions have been partners in evolving and developing the existingnewtechnology.Termslike“http//:www.abiapolyportal.org,http//:www.goggle.com,www.yabatech.edu.ng’’ trip off the wings of the random person on the street. Information handling has gone beyond papers and is now at the direction of the PC. Thus, this project is a conceivable effort to ameliorate the pressing need for a more web-centric environment, although its primary focus is not on website design, yet, it is not inevitable since the emergence of the internet and its accompanying protocols. Web use has become more strong in use and so developing web application is a promising way of reaching a great audience. Web use is not limited to the internet but virtually any application that can interface and communicate its web protocols intranet.


With the proposed design, staff, students and any authorized persons can get all the available information from the polytechnic internet integrated database. They can get their syllabus, academic calendar and results, register courses etc.


Furthermore, to brighten or bring out an efficient and effective administration of academic information system like students results, academic calendar, syllabus, register course etc.

It will also help in making the processing of information as well as feedback more faster and also give focus to the institution of higher learning on the facilities obtained in the use of modern system of communication.

Also, the aim of this project is to give a rough and ready introduction to database and its integration with HTTP server. Before the specifics and theoretical as we focus on some of the more generic aspects of this study.


1.1  Statement of The Problem

The problem that gave rise to this study stem from the continuous use of manual methods for dispensing academic details in the institution. The core is the information management. As the adage says “if you are not informed, you are deformed and he who is deformed cannot perform”. It will not be an exaggerated statement if I say that graduates from Nigeria institution are deformed because they are not being well informed due to inadequate information acquisition facilities. It can be seen that information is not only important at this stage but also the methods of accessibility.


According to Powell (2005), “Lack of information breeds analysis paralysis”. Without adequate information on any subject matter, it would be difficult to handle.

To eradicate this to its optimum, a robust database and web server should be implemented where the information can be shared easily among the students and also being kept so that it can be retrieved at any time by anybody who is in need of it. Again, it will make the information remain authentic without adding or removing anything.

The problems of the study are:

  1. The problem of being deformed in the society
  2. The problem of keeping untidy records.
  3. Using of manual and archaic system in processing data.
  4. To determine ways which information can process a large volume of data such as academic tedious and detail and repetitive denial work done with manual methods in some information.
  5. method of accessibility.
  6. The problem of managing information thereby accessing it to make something out of it.


  • Objective Of The Study

The new system will bring about efficient and effective academic information system. The concise documentation of students and staff details will tremendously improve its timely decision support.

The project would also go a long way in fostering good perception of the information age in our various institutions and individual organization thereby breaking the ugly bone of continuous use of manual and archaic systems. It fosters on the in-depth, principles, rules and protocols of coding, scripting and hosting of database-driven web pages. It will also help in making the processing of information as well as in the sport feedback faster, enlighten our young database developers and provide for them a springboard. It also stirs and gives focus to our institutions of higher learning on the facilities obtained in the use of modern system of communication.


In order to produce a more classified knowledge of the subject matter, the researcher intends to;

  1. To describe the tools required to design and implement a functional Apache HTTP web, HTTP web server and MYSQL relational database server for the institution through HTML communication.
  2. To develop the system and procedure for the college is to ensure that end-users are provided with equisetic tools and data that are cost-effective and easily accessible.


  • Significance Of The Study

This research work critically explores the possible ways of making clear of the mystery behind database and related technologies, web hosting services, protocols and of course design and encourages young programmers to join the race without feeling interims to their counterparts in the developing parts of the world.

Without shifting this focus to website design, we might still be in darkness for the next twenty years and by then a new invention might be made which can sentence us into another one thousand years of dark ages.


The study will go a long way to cutting down on time wastage, inefficient use of statistical data, manual errors and duplication of efforts by both staff and academic personnel. It will also enhance efficient query and inquire, ensure the security of records and assist the college in coping with the daily work based.


Designing a database driven website for an educational institution entails more data collection than traditional programming. Nevertheless, the outcomes and benefits of a well-planned website cannot be emphasized. Although many factors contribute to an effective website, yet there are so many that one could not but think of them all. The internet with all its functionality has indeed changed the way people live and interact politically, socially, economically and otherwise the internet as with database combines audio, video and texture contents while eliminating time and space of traditional media.


This has enabled website an interactive media when integrated with a database making it a cost-effective one on one educational tool. Thus, if ————— and its contemporaries should utilize this honeycomb, literacy in Africa as a whole would wear a glorious crown.


To this end, the researcher suggests the following recommendations;

  1. Implementing a database local website for —————— not only enhances management communication but also accomplished effective resources utilization in terms of information sharing and decision making. It is therefore recommended that educational institution, ———inclusive adopt an interactive institution system. This proposal is 70% achievable considering the already existing equipment which only required little
  2. This implementation will also allow for staff, student and management interaction through live survey charts forms and e-mails. While helping to improve the knowledge and understanding of the institutional needs and interests.
  3. Undoubtedly, a well-incorporated web database for —————- would improve the student support service by saving money and time while expanding on its educational distribution.


  • Scope and Limitation Of The Study

Data notwithstanding of its size cannot be too large to process. However, a guided approach is adopted to stay within limits for easy comprehension.

To end this, the study will focus on the student together with its accompanying web interface, students registration details and academic results. In its most common form, the wide application of computers in accessing remote files make way for adoption of more superior ways of making information available to the millions of users. And it also exposes the researcher to the core about the difficulties of database programming for the web, an all-around technology but because of the following constraints, the study may not be completed. They include;

  • Time constraints and finance
  • The college does not have enough necessary software and an extended network of computers.
  • It lacked the projected operational hardware
  • Unavailability of power supply to test and implement the developed work.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of web-based student information system