Full Project – Design and implementation of staff productivity and job scheduling information system

Full Project – Design and implementation of staff productivity and job scheduling information system

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Job scheduling is the process of allocating system resources to many different tasks by an operating system (OS). The system handles prioritized job queues that are waiting CPU time and it should determine which job to be taken from which queue and the amount of time to be allocated for the job. The job scheduling makes sure that all jobs are carried out fairly and on time.

Job scheduling is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses and other organizations today. The idea of job scheduling is not a new one and was first document in 1963 by Jenkinson who initiated a self-scheduling program at St. George’s hospital in London (Hung 2002). The success of any organization rests on the optimum utilization of time. It has often been stated that staff productivity is an organizations most valuable asset. In order to simplify and measure the effectiveness of staff, there is need for a design of job scheduling and productivity information. In job scheduling and staff productivity information system, job requirement such as employees skills, job duration and job priority are grouped together to give the workload. The activities or tasks of a job need to be scheduling over specific period of time in order to meet organizations requirement. Some of requirement are quite complex (e.g. skills requirement, various work rules such as shift start time, lengths, break windows duration etc.). Staff productivity is the measure of total outputs or contribution of a staff to an organization.

In measuring office work, volume measures are seldom sufficient on their work. Output measure must also take into account of the quality of the output, it’s timeless and cost. The effectiveness of the output is what matters rather than the efficiency with which they were produced. For this reason the choice productivity measure must be rated to the purpose and objectives of the department and organization and the needs of customer. Job scheduling and staff productivity information system is an application program that is employed to allocate venue, date and periods in a random system.



  • The problem of who to do a particular job and when a particular job should be complete.
  • Lack of manpower and adequate shift coverage
  • Lack of effective communication within the organization which makes it impossible for most employee to cope.

These problems need urgent attention in the security unit of Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana. The total output and qualities of job produced by the department is to be improved.



The aim of this project is to design a job scheduling information system that will ensure proper location of duty post.

The objectives include;

  • To design schedules that hedge against falling to meet requirement of scheduling job to staffs in the securing unit.
  • To maximize overall throughput, that is, process as many job as possible in a given amount of time.
  • To process jobs in order of arrival, that is, jobs should arrive at end of a flow in the order they were place.



The desire of the researcher is to improve on staff productivity at securities unit. The study tends to establish way in which distribution of job can be made easy, faster and effective with the available researchers. Hence, provide an easy way of measuring staff productivity.



The scope of this project work focuses on Job scheduling as a measure of staff productivity. That is, allocation of jobs to staff, record their start and finish time, and key record of the total time spent on each job.



In the course of the study, the researcher encountered some constraints which include:

  • Cost: The study requires enormous finance for it to be completed.
  • Time: As student where probably involved in school work like quiz, writing of assignment and other engagement, thus there isn’t enough time to attend classes.
  • Limited Access In the security unit department, job allocation to staff, record their start and finish time is limited.


  • Scheduling – The process of organizing, choosing and time resources usage to carry out all the activities necessary to produce the desired outputs at the desired times.
  • Productivity – This is a ratio of the production output to what is required to produce it.
  • Information – A processed data.
  • Data – This is factual information often in the form of facts or figures obtained from equipment used as a basic for making information.
  • Database Management System (DBMS) – This is a program that enables you to store, modify and extract information from a database.
  • Office Automation – This describes the process of applying computer system and other machines to all the activities. The component of office automation are E-mail, Voice mail etc.
  • System model – A description of the real world entities which are to be represented in the software system.
  • Decision Making – This can be described as a process where by an individual considers situation(s), problem(s) and the available solution alternatives.
  • Concept of Transaction Processing: This describes the concept of data as an information, data capturing, verification, validation of data processing stages in an organization.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of staff productivity and job scheduling information system