Full Project – Design and implementation of purchasing and supply system for a hotel

Full Project – Design and implementation of purchasing and supply system for a hotel

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This research work is concise and generally summarizes the activities duly carried out in the design and implementation of A PURCHASING AND SUPPLY SYSTEM FOR ROCKVIEW HOTEL OWERRI. The system is designed to efficiently handle the movement and tracking of goods. The manual method is labour intensive, insecure, costly, and error prone and cannot ensure that the inventory remains up-to-date due to oversight and internal shrinkage. With the proposed new system, inventory can be updated in real time without too much of human effort. The automated system helps in; (i) the determination of inventory status, (ii) registration of new stock, (iii) giving the manager the opportunity to monitor inventory transactions. The study outlines the main concepts of the analysis and design methodology of the proposed system, compares it to the existing and goes further to explain the design and implementation of the system. The tools used were; HTML, CSS, PHP and MYSQL. The fact finding techniques employed is interview, observation, online and library research.



Rock View Hotel is an indigenous hotel owned by Rock View Hotel Ltd under the chairmanship of chief (DR) Vincent Amaechi Obianodo, MON. The Hotel started her business in Abuja, Nigeria in 1995 with 106 luxurious rooms including suites. Itwas officially commissioned on 28th September 1996 by then FCT Minister Lt J.T Useni.

The First General manager of the hotel was Mr. Walterton Collin who commenced operations from Scratch. He handed over to the present Group General Manager, Mr. Ugbor Vincent in August 1997.

The Hotel since then has made tremendous progress with her expansion projects. In 2004, the Hotel commissioned one of her Abuja projects and commenced operation on 17th May, 2004 with additional 211 rooms including Suites.

The expansion continued in Abuja with the addition of 12 Flats of Two Bedroom Apartment which commenced full operation in April, 2009.

Shortly after the commencement of the Apartment, Rock view Apapa commenced operations on 5th May 2010 with 100 luxurious suites.

Currently Rock view Hotels have 329 functioning rooms including suites and Apartments in Abuja and 174 rooms including suites in Lagos. This brings the total to 503 luxurious rooms including suites and Apartments.

For proper identification, the 2 hotels in Abuja were given the following names: Rock view Classic and Rock view Royale while Lagos has Rock view Festac and Rock view Apapa though quite distinct in location.

Determined to improve quality customer service and retention, the Managing Director Mr. Obiora Vincent Obianodo, an Economist with a Master’s degree in Service Management, introduced State of the Art Hotel Management Software and Application. This has enabled improved customer service and has earned the Hotels pioneer status in 21st Century Hotel management.

The Managing Director (MD) is desirous of spreading the hospitable tradition of Rock view Hotels to parts of the Country, a vision which already has began. With the purchase of Modotels, Owerri a strategically located hotel in the heart of Imo State and formerly owned by Nigeria’s Former Vice President, Sir Alex Ekwueme, the MD is poised to create employment and give host communities a sense of belonging by buying off and upgrading hotels or build new ones where need be.

Justifiably, the company has the problem of keeping adequate record of goods transfer and since it is done manually, associated problems of insecurity, high cost of operation and delay in supply arise. Data processing in RockView Hotel Ltd is presently carried out using people, pens, and paper to control stock and inventory therefore, I decided to embark on this project to design automated purchasing and supply system software that will help eradicate these ugly measures

Also this system includes high security by allowing the manager of the company to login to the system to see how stock is being managed.



The Rock View Hotel Ltd is to an extent manually operated and reveals a number of problems.

  1. The recordings of supplies and cash purchases are done manually on a book that appears rough. Thus, the books are exposed to physical damage, information can be lost and dust particles are accumulated.
  2. The long list of supply orders waiting to be attended to on daily basis.
  3. Inaccuracies often ensue from human error.
  4. Lack of monitoring, in the sense that the stock manager can do whatever he/she likes without being dictated.

The manual system is quite tedious and can be reduced or eliminated with the introduction of the proposed system.



The main objective of this study is to develop a computerized Purchasing and supply system. Others include;

  1. To provide total asset visibility.
  2. To allow reduced inventory stocking levels giving full inventory history.

iii. To reduce lead time, shelf space, and errors due to damage, fatigue of staff and overall cost of operations.

  1. To facilitate “just in time” deliveries.
  2. To provide full process control for products.
  3. To provide higher level security as the system would be passworded to prevent unauthorized access.

vii. To shorten cross docking time and speeds up sort/pick up rate.



The scope of the project covers the development of a computer based database application for use by the two sections (Stock manager and General Manager) at the Rock view Hotels to replace their old paper notebook recording system.

The requirements include designing a user interface for the application and providing options for a user to log into the application by supplying the correct username and password combination; register new customers and view a list of already registered customers; to keep track of stock going out and coming into the company’s warehouse; view users registered on the database; create, delete or edit the information for a user, etc. It also covers writing the background programming to ensure that the interface works with the database through the underlying codes to perform the required actions. If also involves the testing, improvement and optimization of the application.


The design and the development of the application is to provide a better, efficient and improved techniques in the online of purchasing and supply system in Nigeria. In the case of rock view hotel, this application will help the travelers to book room online.


       This project covers most aspects of purchase and supply. However, the following were the constraints:

Time constraints: Due to time constraint, the web – page developed covers only purchases from some departments Financial constraints:  It would cost a lot to develop a full purchase and supply system.

Some documents were considered confidential and were not made available.



Computer Network: Computer Network is a system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link.

World Wide Web: World Wide Web simply called www is the most important tool of the Internet. It was created on the late 1980s in Europe and was used limitedly

Databases:   A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.

File Transfer:       Any kind of computer file can be sent via the Internet from one Internet user to another. Table of accounts on spreadsheets, design by a graphic

Filesetc., can all be exchanged in this way.

Web Brower:   This is a special kind of software that processes hypertext make-up language (HTML) document. In other words, a web browser is a computer program that interprets HTML command to collect, arranged and display the parts of a web page.

Web Site:  A website is a collection of many interconnected web pages organized by a specific college, organization company etc., containing web pages (good and commodities) on the Internet. Web site are stored on web servers. There are many web site and thousands of HTML pages on each web site. A web site is a treasure of information and entertainment. Documents that you can click on as to jump to some other documents or Internet services.

Online:   Connected via a computer attached to or available via a central computer network.

Offline:   Disconnected from computer network; describes a computer terminal or peripheral device disconnected from a computer network.

System: Set of computer components that is, an assembling of hardware, software and peripherals functioning together



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Full Project – Design and implementation of purchasing and supply system for a hotel