Full Project – Design and implementation of online collaboration system

Full Project – Design and implementation of online collaboration system

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The “Online Collaboration System” is a site devoted to making it easier around the world to work together. It will help a team of persons in setting up a frontline information system for sharing information among each other across all interface units. The Online Collaboration System is nothing but the electronic counter part of Team Work. It will not replace the traditional channels of communication, such as phone or fax, but will act as just another extension for the group of persons to work in a single project / task interacting with each other in one-to-one basis. It will be more personalized and interactive across both electronic as well as traditional channels.

Collaboration software can take many forms, from simple instant messaging, to conferencing and telephony, to video conferencing. Some applications may focus on a specific element while others try to incorporate more than one capability Westaway et al, (2015)

Wikipedia defines Collaboration Software as: “An application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve goals.” And for benefits, it goes on to say: “A collaborative working environment supports people in both their individual and cooperative work thus evolving into a new class of professionals, professionals, who can work together irrespective of their geographical location.”

Collaboration is one of the keys to success whether you’re a small, medium or large organization. Nowadays, more and more teams/companies are forced to work together remotely. But switching from a regular day-to-day work-flow to amore complex and expensive project management software is very difficult to do.

However, online collaboration software isn’t just for companies who have people working in different locations; it’s also a valuable tool for any business that wants to be more efficient and effective.

This project can also be named as online teamwork Network System. This application at present will provide five major features: Messaging, Team Management, File sharing, Discussion Forums and Project tracking.

Before a person commits to integrating into the online collaboration environment it is important to familiarize oneself with the laws rules of protecting oneself online.

There are intellectual property rights that apply, as well as safety precautions for data protection that any user can and should take into consideration.

A big part of online collaboration is online file sharing which is done with the help of several online file sharing platforms such as GoogleDocs, Dropbox etc. Each of these platforms offers a certain amount of MB online storage and allows users access their data from different devices, logins and geographical areas.

A major advantage that an online collaborative environment brings to the table for businesses and teams that must work together on projects is brought by the online meeting tools. Such collaborative tools as WebEx or GoToMeeting allow teams to work together from remote locations at an actual time no matter where each of the team members is located.

A good way of getting exposure for your ideas and projects is to use social media collaboration tools. Such tools as blogs, wiki pages, and forums can be good platforms for idea generation and receiving feedback for the information you expose. People are encouraged to integrate social media in their businesses as well as personal use.

An online collaboration environment can become quite hectic, therefore, there are several organizational tools that help keep track of your schedule. This applies to organizing your personal every-day plans via an online calendar. For example,

Google calendar has been recognized as a very convenient tool for daily plan management.

(Abuzalaf et al, 2016) Finally, online collaboration does not end with your computer but it stretches as far as tablets and mobile phones. A significant part of daily tasks today are done via a mobile phone before a person even gets to their office seat. This starts with emails and ends with file sharing, and even having a quick conference call. Mostly smartphones are responsible for enhancing the communication with such applications as WhatsApp, Skype Mobile etc.


An ASP.NET application that provides file sharing, project tracking, discussion forums, Messaging and an overall infrastructure supporting additional subsystems in future. This application software keeps track of each member of the team, his messages, files etc.

Some other objectives are: –

  • It should be simple. Simple to set up, simple to learn and simple to use.
  • Making it easy to find people and information. You can organize information by people, topics, etc.
  • Collaboration isn’t always about big teams. It’s just as important to small teams and individuals. It stops you from doing the same thing twice, and you don’t have information sitting in multiple places.
  • Online Collaboration System simple and powerful. It should make online collaboration faster and easier. It should able to use effectively by computer novices and experts.
  • Information should be secure.


Too many messaging systems cause you misplace or lose of information and not have a reliable way to share knowledge generated through email conversations. Moreover, teams spread out often don’t have a central location for depositing their files and messages.


The study is primarily aimed at increasing efficiency in operation, reducing time and running cost for Online Collaboration System. It will definitely help them in communication. This project is significantly designed as a comprehensive and most reliable system.


This study covers Design and implementation of online collaboration system. Given the value of collaboration identified by industry, students, and educators (below), we offer for consideration a range of potential options that involve some form of collaborative learning. The categories include research results from educational literature, to indicate the range of opportunities available and the relative merits of each. It should be noted that some of the techniques overlap to some extent and fall under multiple categories. To act as a point of reference for other educators, we discuss some of the options we have explored and issues we have encountered in our own implementation as: In-class collaborative activities, Peer review, Adjunct collaboration, Extended team-based tasks.


Collaboration:- in itself is a very broad term which includes working together in various set ups. In today’s technologically advanced age of internet users collaboration means an online communication setup that allows people working on the same project work together even if they are not at the same location.

Online collaboration:- can be described as a technology that uses a collaboration software like ezTalks Cloud Meeting etc. to allow a group of people to work together to achieve the same goal. The members of collaborating group can use the collaboration software to coordinate, communicate, cooperate, share, negotiate and even compete with each other to solve problems.

Communication:- the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. “television is an effective means of communication.

Synchronous:- where everyone interacts in real time, as in online meetings, through instant messaging, or via Skype, and

Asynchronous:- where the interaction can be time-shifted, as when uploading documents or annotations to shared workspaces,  or making contributions to a wiki

Awareness:- We become part of a working entity with a shared purpose

Motivation:- We drive to gain consensus in problem solving or development

Participation:- We participate in collaboration and we expect others to participate

Engagement:- We proactively engage rather than wait and see


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Full Project – Design and implementation of online collaboration system