Full Project – Design and implementation of digital image cryptosystem with adaptive steganography

Full Project – Design and implementation of digital image cryptosystem with adaptive steganography

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Maintaining secrecy is very important in a large corporation and because of the intelligence of hackers, it becomes tedious. Already we have cryptography for transmitting secret information. Even though cryptography successfully transmitting secret information, it will give a suspicion to the hackers and it affects unintended users. However this project, DIGITAL STEGANO GRAPHY overcomes this factor and it gives a solution for transmitting secret formation without affecting unintended users. Steganography uses multimedia data as a covering medium (Covering secret information). By using steganography, data (secret information) can hide within data (multimedia data, here multimedia data is an image) and it can be sent anywhere to transfer the message easily without giving any suspicion to others. In this introductory chapter, some topics are treated such as:

  1. Background of the study: This reviews the history of the current system (federal polytechnic Nekede) precisely.
  2. Statement of the problem: this highlights the challenges facing federal polytechnic Nekede.
  3. Objective of the study: this is the main target of this project work. To design a DIGITAL STEGNOGRAPHY as a security measure to avoid unauthorized access to a file that will not only be efficient in monitoring data, enhance works and outdated the old system used in federal polytechnic Nekede.
  4. Significance of the study: this reveals the implementation of the new system and its working capabilities to the former trend.
  5. Limitation of the study: this has to do with my challenges and bottlenecks as the designer of this very project work.
  6. Definition of terms: this is the definition of some vocabularies found in the material.


Steganography is the dark cousin of cryptography, the use of codes. While cryptography provides privacy, steganography is intended to provide secrecy. Privacy is what you need when you use your credit card on the Internet — you don’t want your number revealed to the public. For this, you use cryptography, and send a coded pile of gibberish that only the website can decipher. Though your code may be unbreakable, any hacker can look and see you’ve sent a message. For true secrecy, you don’t want anyone to know you’re sending a message at all.  Early steganography was messy. Before phones, before mail, before horses, messages were sent on foot. If you wanted to hide a message, you had two choices: have the messenger memorize it, or hide it on the messenger. In fact, the Chinese wrote messages on silk and encased them in balls of wax. The wax ball, “la wan,” could then be hidden in the messenger.  Herodotus, an entertaining but less than reliable Greek historian, reports a more ingenious method. Histaeus, the ruler of Miletus, wanted to send a message to his friend Aristagorus, urging revolt against the Persians. Histaeus shaved the head of his most trusted slave and then tattooed a message on the slave’s scalp. After the hair grew back, the slave was sent to Aristagorus with the message safely hidden.  Later in Herodotus’ histories, the Spartans received word that Xerxes was preparing to invade Greece. Their informant, Demeratus, was a Greek in exile in Persia. Fearing discovery, Demeratus wrote his message on the wood backing of a wax tablet. He then hid the message underneath a fresh layer of wax. The apparently blank tablet sailed easily past sentries on the road.


The problem which has affected the ineffectiveness of security in companies to the investment growth in Nigeria is numerous:

  1. Increasing rate of computer literacy has brought about agents of hacking data
  2. Problem of data distress and cipher deterring during communication
  3. Unauthorized access to a file



The objectives of this study are as follows:

  • To create a DIGITAL STEGNOGRAPHY as a security measure to avoid unauthorized access to a file  that will not only be efficient in monitoring data but enhance secrecy
  • Reduce fraud, insecurity, and employee privacy system. Based on inputting the vital data, a digital stenography as a security measure
  • Resource Protection: This ensures that only authorized users can access resources on the system.
  • To secure all types of system resources is a system’s strength. The different categories of files that can access one system are defined and what access authorization that should be given to these group of files as part of creating security policy.

1.5 SCOPE OF THE STUDY         

This study covers the concept of steganography as a security measure with much emphasis on security operations to the problem of most organizations. The study should limit its scope on security of files as solely carried out on various organizations in our society today.


Steganography as a security measure in these contemporary times is a dire must. For your secrets to be secure, it might be necessary to add protections not provided by your computer operating systems. The effect of steganography as a security measure will offer many areas for specialization including;

Security systems

Allied infrastructure

Securing applications

Securing testing

System auditing

Business continuity planning

Digital forensics

Furthermore, it will serve as an aid to problems which most organization, financial institution and higher institutions face in recent times. It will help in centralizations of digital stenography as a security measure as well as easing fraudulence. It will serve as a linkage between organizations. finally, it would be helpful in system availability. This means that the computing systems used to store and process the system, the security controls used to protect it, and the communication channels used to access it must be functioning correctly. High availability systems aim to remain available at all times, preventing service disruption due to power outages, hardware failures and system upgrades. Ensuring availability also involves preventing denial-of-service attacks


  1. Programming: This is another aspect of this project that was very difficult to achieve. Due to the difficulty of developing a program towards the hardware aspect, it was limited to software aspect of it alone.
  2. Time Constraint: The time frame given to achieve or accomplish this project was very short and it was carried out under pressure with respect to time.
  3. Financial Constraint: Due to a limited source of finance as a student, the problem became more complex coupled with the financial involvement of every research. The available funds from parents were barely enough.


1 Steganography:the use of codes is intended to provide secrecy.

2 WAV: Windows Audio Visual

3 AIFF: Audio Interchange File Format

4 DSSS: Direct Sequence Speed Spectrum

5 DNS: Domain Name Service

6 JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group

7 LSB: Least Significant Bit

8 DBMS: Database Management System

9 ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

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Full Project – Design and implementation of digital image cryptosystem with adaptive steganography