Full Project – Design and implementation of an online result checking portal for secondary schools

Full Project – Design and implementation of an online result checking portal for secondary schools

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Many schools have their own system to manage students profile and assessments. Common practice is by recording the student information in a record book. Students’ information is obtained from the registration form completed by the parents when they registered their children for the first time. This practice has some weaknesses such as the longer time to search the student profile, the possibility of misplacement of record book and vulnerability of student record to be accessed by unauthorized person. In secondary schools, several assessments are prepared to evaluate student performance. Types of assessments that are common to all the secondary schools are assignments, monthly test, and end of term exams. At the end of each assignment, test and examination, the class teacher records student’s marks and grades in the record book or in basic computer software such as Microsoft Excel for teachers with knowledge and access to computer. After that, the class teacher needs to determine student’s position (ranking) in class based on their performances. However, it takes time to do these tasks because they need to formulate their own calculation for class position (ranking). These tasks will be much easier if all calculations for class position (ranking) can be automatically done when the teacher enter assignments, test and exams marks. Students result is the criteria for the measurement of the student’s capability in terms of academic performance in the school. It is used to measure a student’s capability in each subject offered by the student, because the student result is very important to the student and his/her parents, there is need to avoid common mistakes made during the result processing, this can easily be achieved by an automated result processing system, The system is an effective, efficient and error free results processing and display/checking system designed and implemented for Divine International Secondary School, Nasarawa state for proper running of the schools results processing. Therefore, the researcher developed an automated result processing system (ARP- System) in order to manage student information and assessments. This system will help school administration (principal and clerk) to manage student profile and class teacher to manage students’ assessments.

Imagine a teacher compiling just 30 students results and the stress the teacher have to undergo. The teacher gets busy calculating (addition and division) each student’s test and exam scores. For every student, the teacher will add what the student scored in first test, second test and exam to get the total for that subject, assume the subject is Mathematic; the teacher will repeat it for the rest subjects offered by the same student just to get all the total scores for each subject. To get the average score for this student, the teacher will have to add all the total scores for each subject offered and then divide by total number of subjects offered by the student. The same process is repeated for the remaining 29 students. After that, the teacher now orders the average scores to rank the students 1st, 2nd, 3rd … position in the class, it does not end there. The teacher will also enter the record into each student “Report Card” then create a broad sheet called Master Sheet for all the students’ records for future references. This is stressful and time consuming, in order to manage this computation and to make teachers less stressful, make their job enjoyable and to make them direct their attention on teaching is very easy with computerized system. On the other hand, Imagine one person processing 3000-7000 students result from various classes with little effort of just entering students’ scores as soon as they are conducted, and results generated automatically for printing no matter the size of the students in a class/school. In each term, the system generates test and exam scores sheet with students names arranged accordingly with columns/rows created for each subject scores entering. This is given to the class teacher to fill in scores after the test or exam is conducted. It will be taken back to the system for entry and after that with just a click; the result is ready for printing.



Up till today, especially in developing countries, there exists the problem of checking examination results through notice boards in anxiety. Although most secondary schools, even those in less developed countries now make examination result available on websites. The level of internet availability in less developed countries is still low and quite expensive. Even in developing countries where most homes have internet access, most universities now provide examination result on their website and this is a very common practices. While website seems to be a very good options in countries where internet is readily available, its impact could be less felt and it can be quite expensive in countries with poor internet access. In such places student will have to pay for internet services to check their grades. Having studied the manual system, the following where the problems which are encountered in the previous system:

  • Student impersonation
  • In secured authentication of students
  • Manual verification and checking of results



The aim of this project is to develop a result checking application, which will be highly efficient for the process of retrieving necessary information pertaining to every relevant notification about the student results. The objectives are:

  • To design and implement a result checking system, which is user friendly and can provide up to date information.
  • Enable students to have access to real time information.
  • Instant notification about information relating to their result via Email.
  • Ability to check their result without having any cause to visit any notice board.


The study is significant has it helps to integrate modern day technology to the school system. It gives and improves key indications on developing an electronic information system.

The project is quite significant in its nature because of the various advantages online technology poses; in the design of the system it keeps student abreast of instant notification about their results and other relevant information.



Most authorities and management of secondary schools in Nasarawa state think that the use of computer in school administration is only for the production of applications, memos and letters. There is not a single computer used in the library of these schools. Use of computers in schools cannot be over emphasised, it can help in administering the school during the admission procedures, processing examination, admission, registration, scheduling, storing of officials and students’ records etc. Investigation revealed that the manual method adopted in results processing pose some problems in most secondary school in Nasarawa state. These problems can be arranged under the following heading: Poor security of documents, Untimely processing of results, and Production of inaccurate results. The Aim of this research is to develop a powerful computer application program that will ameliorate on the short-comings encountered in the student’s result processing and checking in secondary schools such as the stress of compiling students result by the teachers and errors generated in the results due to human factors thereby generating result that is accurate, timely and error free. All efforts in this research are geared towards the gathering of sufficient information that would help in making useful suggestions for the alleviation of manual processing of results in secondary schools considering the processing speed, storage and retrieve of information facilities, to provide the management with a tool with which to cut down on the time taken to provide results of evaluations. Result will be processed and presented at the click of a button. Hence computer becomes indispensable in results processing.



Examination: the act of looking at something closely and                                                                                                                                      carefully: the act of examining something.

Result: A result is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively.

Automation: Is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, telephone networks and computers.

Secondary school: A secondary school is a school which provides secondary education, typically between the ages of 11-16, after primary school and before higher education.




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Full Project – Design and implementation of an online result checking portal for secondary schools