Full Project – Design and Implementation of an Online Library System

Full Project – Design and Implementation of an Online Library System

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The on-line library information system specifically in schools are facing a high rate of competition that was not envisaged a few years ago. The library system have to design strategy and techniques to satisfy a moved educated and sophisticated people who will make use of it, so to reach the climax in the library system.


Most users of the library system will readily admit that their ability to predict the library system with the present usage of the library by the people. The consistent usage of an online library system will enable different users to be able to read up articles, journals, textbook anywhere both on and off. Like the advent of library system has actually made several innovations in the present day of living and has really spurred people to enable themselves academically.


Still more, the project works goes further to provide a block diagram depicting where the database will be located, where the application will be run etc. It also provides the details about database server that is going to be used etc.

Finally, the research gathers all the necessary tool need to could a well equipped on line library system when hosted and puts them into consideration.




The thorough practical importance of a library information system both in colleges and in public places has grown into an extensive special area of study, the method been developed are very much outnumbered and there are such a variety of little ideas that we cannot really explore individually or even try to summarize them. Completely within the scope of this work.

Procedure that are been known in some diverse ways presents an inspiration in the library information system in colleges and other aspects of life. A very good education system is built on the principle of proper accountability of library books and other equipment for which it is really been proposed for. Our library system needs some certain criteria both from users and its environment before it can really stand the test of time and survive and these things comprise of a proper secured database which will avoid/breach intrusion by any person who is not authorized to do so, for the library software to communicate well more especially within the educational sector as we have in our case.

As it may interest us to know, library management system has not been properly looked at by schools, but if given a proper consideration its relevance and importance will be seen in the nearest time.



In an institution like Federal polytechnic Nekede owerri, the idea of massive admitting of students into the institution is very alarming for instance considering the population we have in some departments like electrical electronics, marketing, office technology management, public administration and in the evening program counterpart both ND and HND respectively calls for a unique library management system to cope with in the aspect of students reading habits, same applicable to the weakened programme section of the institution.


In a situation like this, you find out that reading habits generally posses a big problem, this, in turn, forms a serious constraint that will depreciate the vocabulary and aspect of growing versatile area of academics. The problems encountered in the institution:

  • Lack of space for students to stay and read in the school library. This is another problem that brings draw backs to the students, because when there are enough space for reading, students will find it easy to read at all times and also enjoy reading as a hobby and constraint visiting the library for research and other academic struggle.
  • Over crowding is another factor that is posing a big problem to the reading habits of several students and should be handled by the school management in other to do this, the option of online library comes to play so as to make it possible for students to read and have access to borrowing books.




The purpose of this application is as follows:

The software is basically written for automation of library duties which entirely removes the manual method involved in either registering books, borrowing boos, giving out books etc. This provides the following facilities to:



  • Can enter details pertaining to a particular book/books
  • Can provide membership to members
  • Can search out books within the library database for easy retrieval
  • Can assign to borrowers the day for returning borrower books.



  • Can read and write information of any member from the database.
  • Can update, create, and delete the record of membership as per requirement and its implementation.



The scope of the study will be only limited to the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Library system which is the case study.

This project will go a long way to ensuring that the library will be accessed easily. In this case, users can easily have access to the library search for books, magazines, journals and other articles, books can be borrowed easily and then returned when the day of returning comes.



In a big project of this sort, so many limitations were encountered. One of the biggest set back witnessed in the process of this project is financial problem in the sense that some foreign text book needed to properly build this project were not bought.

Another limitation was the hinted time embarked to carry out the research work as the research combined with welfare and other academic work which, the time-space given was very minimal and as such much could be carried out. Still more, I was also guided to some vital information in the library due to security reasons from the librarians.

The mode of data collection posed a problem so as to hear from students on possible and credible project.



The chief aim of this project is to develop a library management system which several students will benefit from and also it have a goal and importance.

  • The research will provide to the students, the preliminary concept of a library and its importance as a learning aid.
  • There is a reduction of using the manual method, but rather the library automation is embarked.
  • Library books can be easily sorted, retrieved and properly maintained.
  • There is an easy approach to doing library works and management of books.






COMPUTER: This is a device that is able to accept input from users and then act on it, producing an output under a programmable time.


LIBRARY: This is simply referred to as a collection of boos, records or films etc for consulting or borrowing. A room containing these is called a library.


ON-LINE: This is basically an application or system that is resident on the internet for every person to have access to when granted.


MANAGEMENT: This is the act/process of managing the people who manage a business or a library in our own case, seeing that their welfare is properly taken care of all the time.

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Full Project – Design and Implementation of an Online Library System