Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based visitor management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based visitor management system

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A visitor record system (VRS) is an evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of visitors information. It is a record in digital format that is theoretically capable of keeping track of list of visitors and their personal details for effective service from both clients and the company.





This project work is to unravel the tedium of working with conventional visitor system, where record entry and retrieval are still done manually. Using these conventional moods of operation may pose delay in the administrative system, where issues such as an instant retrieval of visitors(clients) information as with regards to  tracking our clients either for promotions, advertisement, or shared company interest may pose little delay. But this research work provides basic visitors(clients) system where clients information are stored on visit to the company aiding proper storage and maintenance of client. Staff performance record are being access by the administration since every client is tag to a staff on visit to the company.



This research work is aimed at providing an electronic  system for keeping tracks of visitors(clients) on visit to the establishment, reasons and booking base on the staff visited are assess for proper performance work ratio.

The current system in KRPC is by registering on visitor’s log book(manual) at the security post, after which a call is made to the desired person or department to confirm the appointment. A tag is issued to the visitor upon confirmation and allowed entrance into the complex.

This project is to change the manual process into automated system with it’s ability to:

  1. document and safeguard all visitors information for present and future use.
  2. Restrict visitors movement within the complex as many visitor tends to divert their route from the original route that was registered at the security post. This could be achieved by creating an alert system linking all departments to security post system, therefore creating awareness of the intending visitor to any department choosing by the visitor and this is done as soon as the visitors information is saved at the gate.
  3. Enhance security by identifying who is in any department or complex quickly and accurately at any point in time.

The sole objective of this research is to provide adequate assessment of staff base on the amount ofvisitor(client) and their reason. Also keeping track of visitors(clients)information for easy communication.



Research is based on the current trend ongoing in offices I have visited,where I have to filled my details on a visitor book manually. These book is later stored on a file cabinet. Retrieving of visitor information from these book is done manually by going through the pages of these book one after the other. The new system that is to be developed is handle visitor record in view to access staff performance work ratio and providing easy and reliable storage medium.



The scope of this research is to design and implement a visitor system that model an organization structure by registering staff into the system, and collect visitors information on visit. Reasons of visit are taking and append to a staff for whom the visitor is there to see. The system will also provide a search engine for easy retriever of staff record from store. And lastly, provide a secure interface by granting access to only authorized personnel to use the system.

This visitor management system will be limited to the following areas:

  1. Visitor(Client) feedback automation through mail
  2. Biometric capturing of visitor information



Client: A client is a piece of computer hardware or software that accesses a service made available by a server. The server is often (but not always) on another computer system, in which case the client accesses the service by way of a network

Visitor: A person who visits, as for reasons of friendship, business, duty, travel, or the like.

Management System: A management system is the framework of policies, processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives.

Visitor management system software: This software is what runs the electronic visitor management system. At most facilities, this software would be installed on an existing personal computer that is already located at the receptionist’s desk.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based visitor management system