Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based SIM registration system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based SIM registration system

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SIM Card Registration System” is a system which is used by the user for the purpose of managing and saving different SIM Cardholders of different service providers. This project provides a very sincere way of keeping total details of any Cardholder of any service providers and their details. Detailed php programming with web application has been used to design this project. The aim or objective of this project is to handle the all the data of cardholders as like their address, phone no., pin code, SIM serial no., SIMcard no., E-mail address etc. by which service provider can easily handle their customers.

In line with directives from the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) and as part of efforts to have a credible database and as through Sim card Subscribers in Nigeria, MTNN, will be laughing the MTNN  SIM Card Registration. The MTNN SIM Card Registration process is amid at capturing detailed information of all MTNN Nigeria Subscribers.

This became a necessity as a result of the increasing frequency with which mobile phones are being used in criminal activities in the country. This is expected to serve as the primary source of identity verification of all MTNN customers. The sim card registration will enable MTNN link every sim card to the identity of the actual owner. Details to be captured during the sim card.

The registration process is:

Subscriber name


Alternate phone number

Passport- sized photograph

Left and right thumbprint

Left and right index fingerprint

Personal unlocking key

In addition to the information above, the registration process will include the customer that wants to register an MTNN SIM card appearing in a person to enable actual capturing of the photograph and biometric (fingerprint).  Registration points will be deployed nationwide levering on designated MTNN SIM registration points nationwide e.g. MTNN walk-in centers, connect stores designated post offices, trade partners nationwide est.  Nigeria authorities are fighting against telecommunication crimes, then telecommunication industries like the MTNN, MTN, GLOBACOM, ETISALAT and other communication industries, are required to registered the details information of their customer’s.


The SIM card registration process which is done nationwide within the country has been so tedious, subscribers go to the registration points and line up in an unending line waiting for the time it will be his turn, some don’t get the opportunity of doing that same day and will have to return the following day to join the queue again. This has been an issue as some of this subscribes are businessmen that closed their shops because they want to re-validate their SIM due to the facts that some of the subscribers are disconnection already from the network.



The MTN sim card registration process has been targeted at all new existing customers on the MTNN Network both prepaid and postpaid, mostly by making sure that unlawful act towards the use of telephone will be monitored it also help in the followings.

  • Registered the details of all new customers on the network in compliance with NCC requirements.
  • Collect customer’s information for all MTN Nigeria subscribers.
  • Help in tracking down criminal call made by the subscribers (customer).
  • To use a design models or procedures to design the structure and contextual view of the proposed system.
  • To implement the new system using particular change over procedure.
  • Contribute to the communication company for better development.
  • Create a simple and easy to use platform for registration SIMs.
  • Create a platform for quick and accurate calculation of recharge.


This project looks into the processes of registration of SIM cards basically by web, as a means of validating users data to the SIM. Also, this research work is for MTN Nigeria telecommunication network.



Inaccessibility to some documents, which arose due to security, imposed on some of the organization documents by the management. It was not also possible to make an in-depth study of these documents, which would have helped in the development of the project work.

Time was a major limitation to this write-up, there wasn’t enough time to study the details of the various field of the information department of the organization unavailability of textbook needed for this write – up was not found in the institution library.

This study will not look in details into other sections of the sim registration except the only part explained MTNN sim registration it does not explain on the other section of telecom operators but rather explained on the other section aforementioned.



The study gave birth to a new strategic method of dealing the registration.

This work is significant the MTN communication Telecommunication as it will aid easy SIM registration and revalidation. Also, this research work will serve as a reference material to the fellow researcher, academic students, and others as a reference study guide. In communication companies the calculation of zero recharge is done manually following every upload from the registration kits, the companies have to print out every information concerning SIM registration from each and circle the zero recharge, after which the print out will be send to every kit users. This whole process in the manual method is tedious or lack efficiency leading to waste of resources, time consuming, error possibilities and access to inaccurate information   and   this study is important in various ways as it will enable:

  • Student to understand the pick in computing, given the researcher more insight on the field of developing applications.
  • Create a base for MTN Network to improve in their registration Procedures.
  • Bringing ease to the MTN Registration, most especially on the issue of Know Your Customer Agent SIM Registration Status.













  • SIMCARD: Asubscriber identity module or subscriber identification module (SIM) is an integrated circuit chip that is intended to securely store the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number and its related key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers on mobile telephony devices (such as mobile phones and computers).
  • REGISTRATION: the action or process of registering or of being registered.
  • KYC AGENT: Know your customer(KYC) is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients. The term is also used to refer to the bank regulation which governs these activities.
  • RECHARGE: Restore an electric charge to (abattery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a device that draws power from another source of electricity.
  • KITS: A set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose.
  • CARD: A piece of thick,stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on.
  • ZERO RECHARGE: The point ofzero charge (pzc), in physical chemistry, is a concept relating to the phenomenon of adsorption, and it describes the condition when the electrical charge density on a surface is
  • MYSQL: MySQLis an open source relational database management system. Information in MySQL database is stored in the form of related tables. MySQL databases are typically used for web application development (often accessed using PHP)
  • DATABASE: a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.
  • INTERFACE: a device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based SIM registration system