Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based live sport scores and results

Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based live sport scores and results

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1.0       Background of the Study

From the appearance of human language until the universal application of computer, mankind never stopped improving information technology. From the middle of last century people started associating information technology with computers. Nowadays, computers, data centres, servers, database management systems and specialized software applications are managed by information technology departments, systems and databases administrators. According to Alliance (2011), information technology supports modern businesses and becomes an important part of life. An information system is regarded as a combination of information technology and human activities. It supports people in many fields such as operation, management and decision making. Information systems are categorized in three parts: Management Information System, Decision Support System and Executive Information System.


Following the evolution of information technology, various information systems, such as data warehouses, enterprise resource planning and enterprise systems, expert systems, geographic information systems, global information systems and office automations have been emerged in the business world. According to Bill (1999), information system is the digital nervous system of business. This means information system has an important role in modern business. As Bill Gates mentioned, business information system is a discipline with its mission to study the use of information system for business purposes. The research and application of business information system have become a meaningful issue, which involved many industries such as Manufacturing, Building, Transportation, Storage, Post, Finance, Wholesale and retail trade, Real estate, Accommodation and Catering, Services, Education, Health, social security and social welfare, Culture, Sports and Entertainment. Football, as the most famous sport in the world and a new emerging industry, has an immeasurable impact on human life. For example, the World Cup 2006 in Germany captivated 3,359,439 spectators, who watched matches in 12 magnificent stadiums.


Furthermore, estimated worldwide audiences were more than 3 billion. According to FIFA (2006), 32 teams from all over the world brought 64 matches and a 147-goal show.  Meanwhile, World Cup 2006 influenced a hotel, retail and general consumption, which significantly increased during the championship. During and after this event, trillions of information and data were collected, stored, retrieved, distributed, compared and analyzed such as schedule planning, choosing a place for 64 matches, a composite 12 stadiums arranging, tickets selling to 3,359,439 spectators, hotels pointing for teams from 32 countries, TV agreements signing, matches results recording, players data counting, referees choosing, bonus setting, sponsors activities, etc. Thus, with a good understanding of the unrivalled role the information sector has to play in the entire sporting world, which maybe during or after a particular sporting event. The researcher was quite motivated to embark on this research work Web Based Live Sports Scores and Results.


1.1       Statement of the Problem

The main problem faced by the manual system includes that;

  1. Individuals have to either be on ground to follow their favourite sports live on television/radio/stadium or get to know the game scores later
  2. Secondly, he/she cannot get to know these scores anywhere, anytime any day
  3. Getting to pen these scores down on papers can really lead to a huge wastage of paper as sport officials try to maintain the records.
  4. It takes a lot of time to search these sport records manually when they are in offline mode.
  5. The chances of loosing these documents/records are on the high.


1.2       Aim and Objective of the Study

The aim of this research work is to provide live scores and updates of sporting events currently going on through a web based platform by an admin user.Objectives includes;

  1. To design a web based system for live sports scores and results
  2. To enable sports lovers view live scores or results of sport events anytime anywhere
  3. To reduce time spent on the manual system
  4. To properly store live scores and results for future references


1.3       Significance ofthe Proposed System

The system is really of great importance to both sport officials and the clients/end users. Thus its importance includes that;

  1. The actual need for the new system is to reduce paper work and Time.
  2. The system stores the details of all results and scores needed
  3. The system will reduce complexity and stress for the users handling the system
  4. The system is a web-based.


1.4       Scope of the Study

The scope of this research work includes the following;

  1. This Application will be an online system.
  2. This software covers only football.
  3. It covers European and African football leagues.


1.5       Justification of the Study

This research work will be unnecessary if it does not have any form of significance to Nigeria at large. The justification for this study includes:

  1. Easy processing of information
  2. Reduced error in processing of data.
  3. Easy access to sport scores.
  4. Improve the flaws in the manual way of storing information.
  5. Reduced data redundancy.

1.6       Limitation of the Study

Some of the limitations encountered on the research are as follows.

  1. Finance: Which as a student paying up fees and embarking on such financially huge project is challenging and;
  2. Time: This requires strict management practice to be used to positive advantage, was another major challenge in accomplishing this task.


1.7       Definition of Terms

  1. Football: Any of various forms of team game involving kicking (and in some cases also handling) a ball, in particular (in the UK) soccer or (in the US) American football.
  2. Sports: An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
  3. Score: The number of points, goals, runs, etc. achieved in a game by a team/individual.
  4. Software: Set of instructions which is arranged in a sequence written for the computer, machine to carryout, in order for a task which is a solution to a problem to be done.
  5. On-Line and Off-Line: The terms “online” and “offline” (also stylized as “on-line” and “off-line”) have specific meanings in regard to computer technology and telecommunications. In general, “online” indicates a state of connectivity, while “offline” indicates a disconnected state. The concepts have however been extended from their computing and telecommunication meanings into the area of human interaction and conversation, such that even offline can be used in contrast to the common usage of online. For example, discussions taking place during a business meeting are “online”, while issues that do not concern all participants of the meeting should be “taken offline” continued outside of the meeting.
  6. Web: A network of interlinked stations, services, communications, etc., covering a region or country.
  7. Web Based: A web-based application is any program that is accessed over a network connection using HTTP, rather than existing within a device’s memory. Web-based applications often run inside a web browser. … Web-based applications are also known as web apps.
  8. System: A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based live sport scores and results