Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based clearance and result issuing system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based clearance and result issuing system

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Improvement in information and communication technology has made time and space less complex and could be seen that this modern age is the age of information boom in which an average individual wants to explore the information system. Thus, the capability for timely acquisition, utilization, communication and retrieval of relevant and accurate information has become an important attribute for better teaching and learning processes (Adebayo, 2008). The use of ICT in educational arena is not limited to teaching and learning situations alone, but also extend to the administrative assignments. One of such administrative tasks is the development of a web-based clearance system called online clearance.

By definition, clearance is a status granted to individuals, typically members of military, university graduates and employees of governments and their contractors, allowing them access to classified information. The term “clearance” is also used in private organizations that have a formal method to vet employees for access to sensitive information. Clearance can refer to authorization or permission from an authority (Anigbogu, 2000; Chimezie, 2000; Wikipedia 2013). The act of clearing an individual involves granting individual a permission to have access to sensitive or secret documents or other information. The Oxford dictionary defines “online” as controlled by or connected to a computer and as an activity or service which is available or performed using the internet or other computer network (Dictionary of British and World English, 2015). As people of this generation become more dependent on the internet for information, the need for automated clearance becomes more apparent.

Online clearance is now used in various academics institute both locally and internationally for various clearance, for instance, online hostel accommodation, UTME online clearance exercise, online admission exercise, online graduating clearance exercise, and National Youth Service Corp online mobilization registration exercise to mention but a few. The admission process of students is strictly done online in some tertiary institutions such as Federal Polytechnic Nekede, where physical presence of admitted candidates is not required in the school premises during the clearance exercise as it is strictly online while in some institutions in Nigeria such as University of Ibadan, University of Ilorin, Tai Solarin University of Education, the admission process are done online, and physical presence of candidate is needed for other admission clearance exercise.

In tertiary institutions like Federal Polytechnic Nekede, there is need for automated method of data keeping, so a greater need for an automated online clearance system. This will go a long way in alleviating the various problems and stress involved in the manual method of clearance. Also, the issue of delay in youth service as a result of inability to complete the tedious manual processing of clearance will be curtailed. The focus of this research therefore is to provide a reliable and transparent system devoid of personal inclinations and interest, to eliminate travelling and queuing of students during clearance and to serve as reference material to other researcher.


In tertiary institutions like Federal Polytechnic Nekede, there is need for automated method of keeping data, more so a greater need for an online clearance system. This would go a long way in alleviating the various problems and stress involved in the manual method of clearance. Moreover, the issue of delayed youth service as a result of inability to complete the tedious manual process of clearance would be curtailed.

When a student is about to graduate from the institution, he/she will take his/her degree exam after which he obtains a clearance form from Exam and Record Unit of the institution after the payment of all necessary dues. This form will have to be certified at various departments and units including bursary, library and the candidate’s department.

The library will have to certify that the student does not own any textbooks and library materials, and so. In summary the current final clearance system of the institution is a manual one. This makes the system so tedious and time-consuming. In this case, students will have to visit all the clearance offices with a form for them to sign. Once the form is fully signed, it proves that the student has been cleared.

In the manual system, the clearance forms are documented in a file cabinet. Each time the clearance form is needed, a search operation is conducted on the file cabinets to locate a particular student’s clearance form. To alleviate this problem, there is need to develop an efficient web-based platform that is reliable and cost-effective, which can manage the process efficiently.

This project is aimed at developing a system for making clearance after graduation. The designed software will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you understand the procedures involved as well as how to do your clearance online.


The use of manual system of operation in clearing students after their graduation at Federal Polytechnic Nekede is associated with the following problems;

  1. It normally takes a lot of time and a lot of processes and delays in clearing the student for youth service as well as collection of statement of result.
  2. Large volumes of data are recorded in different paper files, which lead to data redundancy and inaccuracy. There is difficulty in retrieval of information. Also cockroaches and rats can destroy files in cupboard where they are packed.
  3. Stress of travelling and queuing up of students during clearance.
  4. Damage of documents during fire incidents.
  5. Illegal removal of forms by fraudulent staffs leading to insecurity.

The major aim of this study is to developand implement a system that can be used for efficient and effective clearance and issuing of result to students of Federal Polytechnic Nekede. In achieving this aim the following specific objectives will be accomplished through the design of system that will:

  1. The system will provide result instantly to the student after he/she has been properly screened.
  2. To provide a reliable and transparent system for the students’ final clearance and result issuing devoid of personal inclinations and interest.
  3. To alleviate the problems and stress encountered by students during final clearance, most prominent one being the queuing up of students at various clearance spot.
  4. The system secures all the activities that take place by storing them in form of logs/record in the database, serving as a means of back-up for future use.

This system when completed and implemented will help in achieving prompt release of student’s statement of result especially graduating students waiting for NYSC. And also reduce errors that may occur as a result of rigorous processes involved in the manual collection of student’s data.

Besides it will serve as a reference material for subsequent researchers in the same field or related topics.


The project work was limited to basic processes in clearance system of graduating students and issuing of statement of result by Federal Polytechnic Nekede as case study. The software developed will be carried out using HTML, CSS and the database for the software is MYSQL.



During the course of the study, the following constraints were encountered;

  1. Limited time duration: The one semester period we had to carry out the study was not adequate. Furthermore, other four courses and seminar demanded my attention too.
  2. Lack of finance: The huge money involved in running to and fro FEDPONEK for data collection, money for computer printing and binding, constituted a major constraint to the project work.
  3. Lack of reference materials: The school library and the nearby public libraries lacked the necessary reference materials needed for the work.


Clearance: Official certification of blamelessness, trustworthiness, or suitability for graduation and issue of certificates in degree course.

Computer Network: Computer Network is a system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link.

Databases:  A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.

File Transfer:   Any kind of computer file can be sent via the Internet from one Internet user to another. Table of accounts on spreadsheets, design by a graphic artists, music sound files etc, can all be exchanged in this way.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlinks are highlighted words and phrase you find on web documents that you can click on as to jump to some other documents or Internet services.

Offline: Disconnected from computer network; describes a computer terminal or peripheral device disconnected from a computer network.

Online:  Connected via a computer attached to or available via a central computer network.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based clearance and result issuing system