Full Project – Design and implementation of a SIWES management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a SIWES management system

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The Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a skills training programme designed to expose and prepare students of universities and other tertiary institutions for the Industrial Work situation they are likely to meet after graduation.  It is also a planned and structured programme based on stated and specific career objectives which are geared towards developing the occupational competencies of participants (Mafe, 2009).  Consequently, the SIWES programme is a compulsory graduation requirement for all Nigerian university students offering certain courses.

The Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), is the accepted training programme, which is part of the approved Minimum Academic Standard in the various degree programmes for all Nigerian Universities.  The scheme is aimed at bridging the existing gap between theory and practice of Sciences, Agriculture, Medical Sciences (including Nursing), Engineering and Technology, Management, and Information and Communication Technology and other professional educational programmes in the Nigerian tertiary institutions.  It is aimed at exposing students to machines and equipment, professional work methods and ways of safeguarding the work areas and workers in industries, offices, laboratories, hospitals and other organizations.

Prior to establishing the Scheme, industrialists and other employers of labor felt concerned that graduates of Nigeria Universities were deficient in practical background studies preparatory for employment in Industries and other organizations.  The employers thus concluded that the theoretical education being received in our higher institutions was not responsive to the needs of the employers of labor.  Consequently, the rationale for initiating and designing the scheme by the Industrial Training Funds ITF, in 1973.

The scheme is a tripartite programme involving the students, the universities and the employers of labor.  It is funded by the Federal Government and jointly coordinated by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and the National Universities Commission (NUC).


Before now, the method of information gathering, storing and retrieval were carried out manually. As a result of that, a lot of problems are being recorded just like in the case of the industrial training fund. The problems include:-

  1. Wrong entries made on ITF records
  2. Falsification of record by people who are not directly involved
  3. Misplacement of correspondences of vital records
  4. Failure to update records and attend to correspondences as at when due
  5. Poor supervision of students IT
  6. Supervisors have to wait till the end of the training scheme to assess the performance of the students

All these problems culminated into inefficient management Information in the ITF and to change these trend calls for computerization.




The objective of the study is to investigate how far the management of ITF will go in eliminating the problems associated with the manual method of processing, storing / retrieving of trainees or students in ITF with a view of designing or developing a system that will handle the problems stated above. The following are the objectives which this project aims to achieve:

  1. To minimize the time wasted in the periodic preparation of training disposition
  2. To guarantee maximum security of files / information
  3. To provide student with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in real work situation thereby bringing the gap between theory and practical.
  4. To reduce the rate of availability and time of vital records
  5. To store data electronically, so as to improve system speed in respect of processing, storing and retrieval of information in ITF.
  6. To keep track of students who are in their industrial training.
  7. To enable school supervisor monitor the progress of the students during their IT/SIWES training.
  8. To enable students and supervisors communicate regularly, this in turn enables the student to provide feedbacks regarding problems encountered during his/her training program.
  9. To enable the lecturer/supervisor determine if the student is gaining relevant work experience during the IT/SIWES training.



This study covers all the aspect of SIWES information system in ITF, Aba Area office, Abia State. It properly covered the SIWES information system which comprises the Federal polytechnic Nekede students and staff of ITF Aba.

This project also covered the real information of the department on the method of data collection, processing, storage and retrieval of information.



As a result of the various stages involved in IT reporting, this research work would be limited to only weekly feedbacks, and the full technical reports submitted at the end of the IT/SIWES exercise. Also this research is limited to an online interaction between a student and his/her supervisor.



This study will help to bridge the communication gap between students and supervisors during the students IT/SIWES training programming, it seeks to provide a steady communication stream via the use of online resources, so as to ensure effective monitoring of students, irrespective of the distance where the student is carrying out his/her training.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of a SIWES management system