Full Project – Design and development of a diagnostic expert system for kidney diseases

Full Project – Design and development of a diagnostic expert system for kidney diseases

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An expert system is software that attempts to reproduces the performance of one or more human experts, most commonly in a specific problem domain in this case kidney disease, and it is a traditional application and a subfield of artificial intelligence. A wide variety of methods can be used to simulate the performance of the expert. However, common to most or all are listed below

  • The creation of the “knowledgebase” which uses some knowledge representation formalism to capture the Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge. The SME for this project would be a medical doctor that is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.
  • A person of gathering that knowledge from the snife and codifying it according to the formalism, which is called knowledge engineering. Expert systems may or may not have learning components but a third common element is that once the system is developed it is proven by being placed in the same real world problem solving situation as the human SME, typically as an aid to human workers or a supplement to some information system.
  • The process of coding the knowledge gathered from the SME involves some methods of reasoning when using inference rules: backward chaining and forward chaining. Forward chaining starts with the data available and uses the inference rules to conclude more data until a desired goal is reached.

An inference engine using forward chained searches the inference rules until it find one in which the if clause is known to be true. It then concludes the then clause and adds this information to its data. It would continue to do this until a goal is reached. Because the data available determines which inference rules are used. This method is also called data drive. The forward chaining inference method will be used to this project while the background chaining starts with a list of goals and works backwards to see if there is data which will allow it to conclude any of these goals, an inference engine sing backward chaining would search the inference rules until it finds one which has a then clause that matches a desired goal. If the clause of that inference rule is not known to be true, then it is added to the list of goals. This technique will not be used.


The objectives of the project are:

  • To provide necessary results on the various symptoms of kidney diseases as provided by the users.
  • To develop an expert system that wills enable patients to provide necessary answers to the various diagnostic questions in order to arrive at a detailed conclusion.
  • To advice uses and patients on solution(s) or necessary steps to be taken in order to manage the aliment.



Expert system is designed and created to facilitate tasks in the fields of accounting, medicine,  process control, financial service, production and human resources etc. the foundation of a successful experts system depend so n a service of technical procedures and development that maybe designed by certain technicians and related experts. A good example of application of expert system for mortgages. Loan departments are interested inexpert system in a banking are is expert system for mortgage because of the growing cost of labour which makes the handling and acceptance of relatively small loans less profitable.

A good example in the medical professionals: An expert system for diagnosing and treatment of kidney diseases. The steady increase in kidney disease-related deaths makes this shifty very important.

The development and designing of an expert system for diagnosing kidney disease would enable student doctors, medical practitioners and non-practitioners to have access to this system and be able to determine to a large extent if a user has kidney infection or not and provide the remedies to the sickness.



The scope of the project is limited to the diagnosis of kidney disease and requires users to supply answers to questions posed to them by the system.


In the course of this study, a major constraint experienced was that of time factor and insufficient finance. Others include the inevitability of human error and bias as some information were obtained via interpersonal interactions, interviews and research, making some inconsistent with existing realities or out rightly incorrect.

Great pains were however taken to ensure that these limitations are at their very minimum and less impactful on the outcome of the work.



Glomerular Filtration Rate

(1)   An estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGfR) is a test that is used to asses how well your kidney are working the test estimates the volume of blood that is filtered by your kidneys over a given period of time the test is called estimated glomerula filtration rate because the glomeruli are the tiny filters in the kidneys if these filters do not their work properly then the kidney is said to have reduced or impaired kidney function.

(2)   Glomerulus: This is a tiny set of copping blood vessels that filter blood in the kidney.

(3)   Hemodialysis (HD): This is used of a machine to clean wastes from the blood after the kidneys have failed, the blood travels through tubes to a dialyzer which removes wastes and extra fluid.

(4)   Renal artery: Renal means kidney an artery is blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart so the renal artery carries blood away from the heart to the kidney.

(5)   Renal dietitian: A nutrition expert who has further specialized in the effect of diet on the health of people with kidney diseases renal van is one we carries blood cleaned by the kidney back to the heart

(6)   Erylhropoietin (EPO): A hormone made by kidneys that stimulates cells in the bone marrow of produce now blood cell.

(7)   Chronic kidney disease (CKD):  This means that your kidneys are not working as well as they once did. CKD have an increased risk of developing heart disease or stroke, chronic renal failure is a term that is sometimes use but means much the same as CKD. This enable the kidney acute renal failure (ABE) means that the function of the kidney is rapidly affected over hours or days for example, the kidney may go into acute renal failure if you have a serious blood contrast to CKD where the decline in function of the kidney is very gradual over youths or years.

(8)  End-User

The end-user usually sees an expert system through an interactive dialog, an example of which follows.

  • Do you always facts pain in the groin
  1. Yes
  • Do you usually feels pain in the lower abdomen
  1. Yes
  • Do you usually have pain in your back
  1. Yes
  • Do you experience frequent urinates
  1. Yes
  • Do you usually experience high blood pressure
  1. Yes

As can be seen from this dialog, the system is leading the user through a set of questions, the purpose of which is to determine if the user is rely having the symptoms of kidney diseases. The dialog illustrates a characteristic of experts systems, users may choose not to respond to any question expert systems, dialogs are not pre-planned, there is no fixed control structure. Dialogs are synthesized from the current information and the contents of the knowledge base because of this; not being able to supply the answer to a particular question does not stop the consultation.




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Full Project – Design and development of a diagnostic expert system for kidney diseases