Full Project – Design and construction of gas leakage detector with SMS alert

Full Project – Design and construction of gas leakage detector with SMS alert

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1.0                                                       INTRODUCTION


Natural gas is an energy source that is commonly used in homes for cooking, and heating. (Mokhatab & Poe, 2012; Asche, 2012).  Hartley (2012) revealed that the natural gas is also used industrially for heating and driving machinery. It is primarily composed of methane. (Methane is a highly flammable chemical compound). A leakage of natural gas can be dangerous because it increases the risk of fire or explosion. Local gas companies `work hard to provide adequate warning in the event of a gas leak. Because methane—and therefore, natural gas—does not have any odour, the gas company adds a warning “rotten-egg” smell (mercaptan or a similar sulfur-based compound) that can be easily detected by most people. However, people who have a diminished sense of smell may not be able to rely upon this safety mechanism. Also the leak might occur at a time when no one is in the vicinity which increases the risk of an explosion. A gas detector can be an important tool to aid early detection of gas leaks. Earlier research work with the same objective was implemented by using ARM 7 processor  Priya  (2014). Different gas leakage detective systems which send Short Message Service (SMS) and simultaneously alerts the customer using a GSM module. Such systems keeps monitoring the leakages of any flammable gasses and  protects  sudden  accident  (Rajitha & Swapna, 2012; Haque, 2014). Ramya V and Palaniappan B implemented such type of detective device using two hazardous gases (LPG and Propane) LPG and natural gas are environmentally friendly they easily be detected. These gases are normally stored in pressurized Steel cylinders in liquid form and vaporize at normal temperatures. With comparison of air LPG is heavier therefore it flows along the floor and also settles in low points which make it difficult to disperse. LPG is a mixture of commercial butane and commercial propane having both saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. LPG market in Nigeria is increasing by the day as all household now embark in the use of LPG for cooking and other home and industrial usage.

LPG is highly flammable which makes its high concentration in the atmosphere very dangerous. Most time at home and industry, it is very necessary to know the concentration of the LPG gas in the atmosphere to avoid the hazard being caused by the high concentration of LPG. Several accidents have been caused due to the high concentration of gas in the atmosphere. This issue can be resolved by the use of a device that will detect the high concentration of gas in the atmosphere called gas leakage detector.

A gas leakage detector is a device used to detect the leakage of gas from a particular source into the atmosphere. The device will comprise of a gas leakage sensor that is capable of sensing the presence of gas in the atmosphere, a microcontroller that is used to automate and control the entire operation of the device, an interfaced GSM module for user communication and a buzzer for alarm purpose. The advantage this has over others is that it provides quick response rate and has faster diffusion of the critical situation than the manual methods. All the reviewed works aimed at developing systems capable of detecting gas leakages and sending an SMS alert to the user. However, the gas leakage detective system presented in this paper is implemented in a different approach. The system enables monitoring of gas leakages in remote locations and thereby leads to a faster response time in the events of a leakage condition.


Gas leakage leads to various accidents resulting into both financial loss as well as human injuries. In human’s daily life, environment gives the most significant impact to their health issues. The risk of firing, explosion, suffocation all are based on their physical properties such flammability, toxicity etc. The number of deaths due to the explosion of gas cylinders has been increasing in recent years. The reason for such explosion is due to sub standard cylinders, old valves, worn out regulators and lack of awareness using gas cylinders add to the risks. With a gas leakage detector, one will be able to detect when the concentration of LPG is high in the atmosphere.


The major aim of this project work is to design and construct gas leakage alarm and notification via sms.

The specific objective of the project are:

Design a device that will be able to detect the leakage of LPG in the atmosphere.

Design a device that will help control the hazard being cause by the leakage of gas to the atmosphere.

Design a gas leakage detector that will have a means of communicating with the user of the event happening within it.


It will reduce the disaster caused by gas leakage

It will help in checkmating worn out pipes once they start leaking

It will reduce the risk of human beings going to check if there is leakage

1.5       SCOPE OF WORK

This project work exposed the detail in the construction of a gas leakage detector, on attempt was made to reveal its effective principle of operation that will be able to detect the presence of LPG in the atmosphere and blow an alarm to alert for a leakage.


This project work is organized in five chapters

Chapter One: This chapter presented the Introduction, background of study, problem description, aims and objective, scope of work, project organization

Chapter Two: This chapter presented the literature review, review of relevant theories, introduction to the proposed work

Chapter Three: This chapter presented the Methodology, solution approach, theory, hardware design, software and design, etc

Chapter Four: This chapter presented the Result, discussion of result, objective evaluation.

Chapter Five: conclusion, recommendation


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Full Project – Design and construction of gas leakage detector with SMS alert