Full Project – Database system with picture and signature verification

Full Project – Database system with picture and signature verification

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It is generally believed that every aspect of life has a beginning and an end. According to the holy bible. Ecclesiastes chapters three where it was specifically expressed by God Almighty that everything that happens under the earth has a beginning and an end. Therefore, there is a time for one to gain a particular job and a time to be disengaged from the job by the way of retirement or otherwise, to work for both ends meet and retire from the work in understandable. Work can be any trace of job weather in private or public sector. According to Harry Luead (1982): Pension and industrial relations both provision for their referenced in the form of pensions.

However the pension scheme that concerns this research work is that of the public sector. According to mammalian family encyclopedia, pension is an income payment to a worker on retirement, usually after attending the pension able age or year of services depending on the able age or year of services depending on the provisions of that particular pension scheduled due to disability accessioned by injury, Another instance whereby pensions could be paid in when a worker dies in active service leaning behind dependents.



The Nigeria railway corporation (NRC) came into existence on 3rd October 1912 by the amalgamation of Lagos Government Railway and the Baro – Kanu Railway. It became a statutory body by virtues of NRC Act of 1955 as amended in 1990. the corporation is 100% owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria by virtue of the Act NRC was created with the general objectives that will offer full value for money specifically it undertakes the following activities.

#Passenger services.              

# Freight services

# Workshop services

Over the years NRC diversified to area outside it’s income operations that include a hospital. Millions in 1984 while the highest volume of freight was 2.4 million metric tone in 1997. A CPCS transcom study revealed the NRC traffic and dropped 11,0000 tons and 2.5 million passengers per year by 2001. Today NRC continues to be in a serious state of disrepair and neglect. In 2004 traffic has sunk to approximately 1.7 million passengers and 60,000 tons of freight, the revenues generated by the NRC have been insufficient to meet are operating costs, indeed revenues from operations is sufficient even to over fuel costs and the 12,000 staff is paid through a transfer from Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) CCECC of china supplied Nigeria railway with 150 locomotives, 400 wagons, 20 rail buses 150 coaches and a microwave base communication system for train operations, but this capital injection had no meaningful long term impact on NRC.

The table below highlights some of the severe challenges faced by the railways sector in Nigeria.

The precipitous decline in NRC’S performance can be attributed to the inefficiency excess employment, low productivity, waste lethargy of operations, lack of incentive and inadequate accountability associated with many public enterprises in Nigeria. Ebute –metta Lagos and clinics in virtually all districts, advertising facilities, printing press catering and of recent incorporated railways property company limited (RPCL) responsible for the management of a large portion of the 194 million squares meters small railway, the length of the network is 3,506km. this represents 4,332km of lines (including loops, siding and yard lines). The basic characteristic of the track area, narrow gauge, single track lines, light and medium weight rail, steel and wooden sleepers.

Railway alignment includes tight curvature of lines and sleep gradients (with consequent severe speed restriction). The operations of NRC have seriously detracted to the extent that the operational capabilities are almost exhausted. Competition from other modes of transportation particularly on roads transport have been very strong while the decreasing reliability and capability shortages have made marketing of the rail way very difficult. Continuous neglect and maintenance of assets by NRC caused the assets to deteriorate to such an extent that a substantial injection of capital would be necessary to prevent the railway from collapsing.

During the years of high traffic, total volume can be described as modest; between 1970 – 2002 the highest numbers of passenger carried was 15.5.

Area financial performanceOverview of NRCS performances challenges NRC operates at consistent and increasing loses which in 1999 amounted to more than N11 billion, almost all of the which was covered by government subsidy. Accumulated long term debt include commitments which was estimated at N18 billion by end of 2000
Customer servicesOn time arrived of trans is non – existent.
Passenger traffic freight traffic operationLoss making passenger traffic would need to be increased many times over present costs. Lack capacity to meet demand, loss of customers’ commitment and severe competition from trucker’s motive power availability from (2000): 20% (63) of active wagon availability (2000): 42% of active fleet coach availability (200): 42% of active fleet rated among the lowest in Africa.




Database management describes the device operations invosing computer to store manipulated, retrieves and report information. A functional definition of database management software follows you to carry out the following operations.

  1. Define individual’s items of data to be maintained.
  2. Design screen layouts for entering and displaying data.
  3. enter data according to a predicted format
  4. retrieves specific data to be viewed or printed
  5. change data or delete unwanted data
  6. Rearrange data, into different orders for screen displays or reports.
  7. Select subsets of the data for specific purposes.
  8. reform calculations and store, view the results
  9. Produce printed reports that provide meaningful information to people who are not familiar with computer.


  1. A faster means of preparing a pay roll
  2. reducing redundancy in files
  3. increasing payroll efficiency
  4. Generation of monthly pension transaction information.
  5. A faster means of calculating annual monthly pension.

Based on the above explanations, the system scheme regards to this research work will be able to solve the following problems.

  1. Increase a faster means of preparing a payroll regardless of the large number.
  2. Improve the consistency in each pensioner’s records. i.e. keeping up to date information about a pension for each accessibility at any time.
  3. Increase the accuracy of the evaluated wage for each pensioner.
  4. Eliminate the double calculating of any pensioner wage.
  5. Eliminate the calculation of ghost worker wages due to its utmost security.
  6. Most important at all in the secure of each pensioner wage due to the picture and signature facility.

The software developed in this study takes Nigeria Railway Corporation as a case study using pensioner record to complement this software. There is need for computerizations of pension scheme, because greater volumes of data accumulated over this corporation for more then so many years and to reduce the tedious labor of compiling manually the monthly salary of pensions in various branches (divisions) of the Nigeria railway corporation, a software which will be efficient in designed to call up the picture of the pensioner and his/her signature for verification purposes.



The idea of replacing the manual system of processing pensioners wages in public services with a computerized system has the following objectives as regards to this research work.

  1. Improve the consistency in each pension record. I.e. keeping up to date information about a pensioner easier accessibility at any time.
  2. A faster means of preparing a payroll regardless of the large number of beneficiaries.
  3. Increase the accuracy of the evaluated wage for each pensioner.
  4. Eliminate the calculation of any pensioner ghost worker
  5. Finally ensuring that there is security in each pensioner wage by the aid of picture and signature verification facility where is the utmost objectives of the study as it does not exist in the manual system.



This project work will enlighten readers and serve as a bed rock automation of data for public organizations. This research work is for the purpose of public and corporate establishment like Nigeria Railway Corporation and other government and private organizations to increase the rate of production of pension pay slip, faster, circulating and preparing the pensioner fund, reducing the problems of inaccurate calculation, and eradicating fraud of duplicating or impersonation of individual pay slip. Thereby making payment to authorized persons.



The software design and developed in this project can be applicable at any public services in Nigeria and other African countries that adopt the Nigeria system of services. This project is applicable at Nigeria railway corporation were it is used as a case study, it has the major task of reading in information about pensioner in the corporation and checking their consistency and validation by providing and EDIT SCREEN for updating pensioner information.

The use of a control check file or menu provides the utility that hinders the calculation of any pensioners wage more than one time. The facilities for picture and signature verification allows for data maximum security and integrity. Therefore the application software developed in this research work can use competently to calculate and print out the pay slip for every pensioner from NRC at the maximum possible accuracy.



ANALYSIS: The methodological investigation of the problem involving the separating of the problem into smaller related kinds of further study.

ASCII: An acronym for American standard code for information interchange. It is a standard format that is used and is recognized most in personal and mini computer software. There is a numeric number corresponding in ASCII character and have been employed in this book.

BUFFER: A halfway house between one part of a computer and another where information can be store temporary.

COMPUTER: An electronic device or machine  used widely in solving scientific, engineering and business problems ranging from simple payroll calculation to the control of space night. It accepts data as input, store the accepted data in its memory unit manipulate the stored data according to instructions by the user and then produces the result as output from the data.

COMPUTERIZATION: The act of providing or making a computer to store information and employing it to do the work or a particular job.

DATABASE: A structured or organized collection of related data. A large store of data held in a computer and easily accessible to a person using the system, set of several permanent files integrated into a file.   

DESIGN: The act of assembling together various software pieces that with meet the users’ requirement and also define the general framework in which the software’s will fit in order to produce one unified system.

DOCUMENTATION: The body of explanatory notes to facilitates easy understanding and use of the software.

FACTS: Truth that are known by observation or experiment, or other means by which others can verify. A fact has the attribute of being always proved, and means the same to everyone.

FILE: A collection of related data in a structured format, a related tern in database.

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Full Project – Database system with picture and signature verification