Full Project – Construction of a digital real time clock using Ardunio

Full Project – Construction of a digital real time clock using Ardunio

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1.1 Background of the Study

Digital clock is very useful projects for final year students. It has an Inbuilt Real Time Clock (RTC) which tracks over the Real Time. It displays the time in hh:mms format. The time and date can be changed at any Time using the button. The Real Time Clock is displayed on LCD display.

The purpose of an RTC or a real time clock is to provide precise time and date which can be used for various applications. RTC is an electronic device in the form of an Integrated Chip (IC) available in various packaging options. It is powered by an internal lithium battery. As a result of which even if the power of the system is turned off, the RTC clock keeps running.

It plays a very important role in the real time systems like digital clock, attendance system, digital camera etc. In applications where time stamp is needed, RTC is a good option. Using RTC for designing such application has always been a good designer’s choice although the beginning might be a bit difficult.

While designing any real time system which deals with time, there are two ways of handling the time factor. One is to generate the time internally which is done by programming the timers of the controller; and the other is to use an RTC. The following table shows the comparison of these methods while designing a real time application.

1.2 Problem Statement

The first clock that was invented was analogue clock which has no other features apart from time and it also consumes higher power and stops working as soon as the power battery is removed. These disadvantages also happen in our digital clocks – their time is reset or stopped as soon as the system power battery or source is removed. However, digital real time clock came to overcome these problems. Digital real time clock counts seconds, minutes, hours, months, days and even years digitally. RTCs can be found running in personal computers, embedded systems and servers, and are present in any electronic device that may require accurate time keeping. Being able to still function even when the computer is powered down through a battery or independently from the system’s main power is fundamental.

1.3 Aim of the Project

The aim of this project is to construct a device that will display the time in seconds, minutes and hours, even date. The time and date can be set using the button.

1.4 Purpose of the Project

The purpose of an RTC or a real time clock is to provide precise time and date which can be used for various applications.

1.5 Significance of the Project

You truly cannot be an organized human being unless you use a good timing system! And if you’re still someone who likes to keep all of their appointments, activities – I highly encourage you to consider tossing out the paper and find an electronic clock system that works for you.

One of the most beautiful things about digital clock is that they can be synced, so you can have your clock on your smart phone, your tablet, your laptop, as well as it can sync to your husband’s electronic clock and your kids’ clock. So no matter where you are- you can easily look up and see what your current appointments are for any given day. And the important people in your life can know the latest schedule and commitments too- without coming home and consulting the kitchen wall.

  • Even if there is power failure, this clock displays the right time using an inverter.
  • Simplicity of the system.
  • Accuracy of the system.
  • RTC ICs have proved to be more precise than other methods — like programming the timer of the controller.
  • It frees the main system from time-critical tasks.
  • It has low power consumption and improved frequency stability.

1.6 Applications of the Project

Because digital real time clock is very small and inexpensive devices that enhance the popularity of product designs, they are often incorporated into all kinds of devices such as:

  1. Cars
  2. Radios


  1. personal computers,
  2. alarm clock
  3. embedded systems and servers

1.7 Scope and Limitation of the Project

Digital real time clock counts seconds, minutes, hours, months, days and even years digitally. RTCs accurately keep time, even when the device is powered off because, it is often used as a trigger for turning the device on or triggering events such as alarm clocks. RTC ICs run on an alternate power source, which allows it to continually operate under low power or even when the computer is turned off. ICs on older systems utilize lithium batteries, whereas newer systems make use of auxiliary batteries or supercapacitors. RTC ICs that use supercapacitors are rechargeable and can be soldered. But in most consumer-grade motherboards, the RTC is powered by a single battery that, when removed, resets the RTC to its starting point.

RTC ICs regulate time with the use of a crystal oscillator and do not rely on clock signals like most hardware clocks. Aside from being responsible for the timing function of the system and its clock, RTC ICs ensure that all processes occurring in the system are appropriately synchronized. Although some may argue that this is a job for the system clock, the system clock is actually dependent on the RTC, making the RTC indirectly responsible for synchronization.

An RTC battery should last for three to five years or more. RTCs are essential; if the battery fails, it must be replaced to ensure continued operation. A dead battery can be diagnosed with an error message at startup or if the user finds that the clock or the setup configuration has become corrupted, flaky or odd.




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Full Project – Construction of a digital real time clock using Ardunio