Full Project – Construction of a 950 watt fuel-less generator

Full Project – Construction of a 950 watt fuel-less generator

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Fuel-less generator is a generator that does not use petrol, diesel, oil or water to generate electricity (current). Fuel-less generator is noiseless, smokeless and self-charging device and produces power by means of energy recycling. It uses battery as its source of energy, and this battery is constantly being recharged by the same current produced by the generator itself by means of charging system under normal working condition.

This is not an inverter, a social energy or wind power supply. It is a new mechanical device that does not depend at all on nature like solar energy or electricity like inverters to generate power. It does not even need power source to charge. It is a self-dependent, self-charging, noiseless, smokeless and fuel-less generator.

This generator is an energy recycling, self-dependent, maintenance free, smokeless, noiseless, self-sustaining, fuel-less generator. Fuel-less generator is fuel-less, noiseless, more efficient than the solar system or wind system, make your business profitable, self-recharging, can power your factor reduce your cost of production, require no servicing, no environmental pollution, no more electricity bill. Thus generator can guarantee 24 hours of power supply.

A simple but highly effective, proven, trusted, verified, easy-to-operate, one time out to pocket device.


1.1  Statement of the Problem

It is a well known fact that the government has failed in all attempt to supply constant electricity and this has resulted into high cost of production for both small and large scale business in Nigeria in spite of the epileptic and erratic power supply, many have had to either resort to the permanent use of high cost of generating sets or close their shop and give up leading to global economic meltdown and hardship.

In view of these problems, an alternative and economical power source is urgently needed. We opted for fuel-less generator due to the fact that is a green and renewable energy and it attracts minimum or no running cost since we do not need to provide fuel or exchange moving parts.


1.2  Objectives of the Study

The main objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. To provide equitable, reliable, renewable, safe, secure, and economically viable energy.
  2. To provide an alternative low-cost source of power since it utilized zero fuel.
  3. To provide a clean, stable and environmental friendly power source since it is noiseless and smokeless.
  4. To produce a pure sine wave which can effectively carry inductive locals.


1.3  Significant of the Study

The significant of the project are numerous, some of which are:

  1. The diversification from the existing conventional source of electrical power.
  2. It would give rise to a redundant power system which will greatly increase the system reliability and overall performance.
  3. It will further intends to obtain a well constructed power system capable of meeting the standard set by current trend in the power sector all over the world.
  4. The much needed GREEN ENERGY will underscores environmental and ecosystem stewardship.


1.4  Limitations/Challenges of the Study

The limitations as regard to fuel-less generator is the deficiency in terms of the rating of the capacitor, if not property rated, it may need constant booting.

Secondly, this type of D.C Motor that can rotate the alternator to the required speed is too scare and only be found in Lagos State.

Thirdly, we faced difficulties in joining the shafts of the D.C motor to that of A.C motor to obtain straighter alignment.



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Full Project – Construction of a 950 watt fuel-less generator