Full Project – Construction of a 10kva automatic voltage regulator

Full Project – Construction of a 10kva automatic voltage regulator

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1.1 Background of the study

Electricity, a form of energy is a vital necessity to human society especially in this modern day. This power system provides means of generating transmitting and distributing of electrical energy. A developing country like Nigeria requires electrical energy for its industrial and other domestic purposes. As a result, an urgent need is then required for a stable and reliable energy supply voltage. To achieve this stability, a voltage regulator or stabilizer is constructed.

This voltage stabilizer could be seen as an electrical device used in maintaining constant average output voltage level within a given range of change in the input voltage or load current. Voltage stabilizers are designed to permit certain fluctuations only within an acceptable or permissible range. Owing to the standard voltage range of 220v +- 6% agreed upon by the Nigerian Institute of Electrical Engineers, Most electronic appliances in homes and Industries of this country are designed to work with in this range of voltage. As a result, this Windows voltage stabilizer is constructed based on this regulation.

1.2 Problem Statement

In Nigeria, electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the country is predominantly charcterized by voltage fluctuations, resulting sometimes to over voltage and under voltage. These fluctuations cause negative effects on both domestic and industrial appliances and equipment. But owing to action the construction of this automatic voltage stabilizer, these problems could be greatly minimized to a certain degree, thereby providing a great protection to all electrical appliances against voltage instability. The above mentioned problems necessitate the construction of the 1000VA automatic voltage stabilizer.

1.3 Scope

The main concern of the research is to construct an automatic voltage regulator which can be powered by supply mains. This has the ability of maintaining an output voltage in the range of 200V to 235V as the input voltage varied within a range of 140V to 250V. it is aimed at presenting a save voltage to electrical/electronic appliances. It is constructed with a maximum capacity of 1000VA.

1.4 Aim and Objectives

The aim of this project is to construct a 10KVA automatic voltage regulator that can be used to power both resistive and inductive loads within its power rating.

1.4.1 Objective

The objective of this work is to construct a device whose function is to maintain constant voltage and power line conditioning to the equipment load under a wide variety of conditions, even when the utility input voltage, frequency or system load vary widely.


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Full Project – Construction of a 10kva automatic voltage regulator