Full Project – Computerized staff personnel record system

Full Project – Computerized staff personnel record system

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In the primitive era of record processing and record keeping of Data, the barbarians kept protected record by scratching them on rocks. The Babylonians writes on the tablets while the ancient Egyptians kept accounts on papyrus (type of paper). It is believed that the first external method of keeping data and processing was by counting items on the fingers.

During the Roman Empire, schools thought finger counting which was actually not a sufficient device. Various methods of performing such advanced operations as multiplication and division were invented which includes more sophisticated schemes of notched ropes and notched rods. Eventually even these were not adequate as man’s use of mathematics and his desire for greater computing power multiplied. The earliest form of manual data processing was the abacus, developed approximately 3000 years ago and considered the digital counting machine. It uses bead solved on wires mounted in a rectangular frame with a cross bar dividing the Frame into a specific number of row in it upper and lower section. Although the origin of the abacus remain obscure it earliest home is believed to be Babylonian or Egypt. It has withstood the test of time and is still being used to advantage in most parts of the world. Progress in manual data processing continued over the centuries with the development of decimal system. The availability of paper and the development of double entry system in booking forms are remainder of such earlier manual data processing. Developing the manual approach became tedious and cumbersome as such man sorted an alternative approach thus the electronic data processing system emerged.

The rapid growth of technological advancement today makes it difficult to recognize that man’s development toward progressively higher standard of living has been relatively sure with electronic data processing. As man discovered new ways that will aid him in his work, his ingenuity for devising adaptation of these basic discoveries also increased. The role of the computer is limitless, tireless, faint less, under mining in energy or monetary term capable of doing so much work at less time.


The essence of this study is to explore or create ways and means by which computer can be used to store staff personnel record in Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre, Bauchi, Bauchi State.

The manual system of storing data which is what is in practiced at the centre now has multiple disadvantages. At times, documents are missing in some files or an entire file can be lost.

Apart from the problem of keeping so many files, its often time extremely tedious tracing and sorting out respective staff personnel record files when the need arises. The risk of missing such important documents is high. The issue of prolonged delay in preparing staff personnel record especially when such is needed urgently is always not easy because some vital information may not be accessible at the moment.


Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre  keeps records of their staff on paper and the processing of the data is manual, with some mistakes in operation. Every record of each staff  is kept in a file and stored in a cabinet. These have been on-going for years. It is tiresome, slow, and erroneous. Thus, it can only provide low volume of information about the staffs. These make it difficult for management to retrieve data such as the staff’s age, qualification, date of appointment etc.

Time is invaluable as such anything that tent to consume it is considered anti productivity. High number of staff with huge data to be documented consumes immeasurable time. Delay in the processing and inputting data in the manual method makes it inefficient and causes delay also in the retrieval, sorting and decision making by management. Manual records are liable to mistake since it is been handled by people who are error prone.




In this modern time, the value of time and space has become so important that any attempt to conserve such is a most welcome development. If quicker and more accurate methods are adopted, more effective decision concerning staff management can be taken at the right time. It is therefore of paramount importance and a necessity that effective and useful staff personnel record is made available in a reliable, retrievable and more accurate format at all times. The main aims of the study is to design a computer based staff personnel record system that will provide a fast, efficient, effective and easily retrievable database of the staff information for timely decision making. Specific objectives are:

  • To eliminate pen and paper method of record keeping as it is cumbersome and unreliable.
  • To provide a faster mode of generating report for timely decision making.
  • To provide a faster means of retrieving staff personnel record database with accuracy.
  • To ensure safer way of storing staff personnel record information independent of loss or damage.
  • To introduce a computerized system that can actually manipulate data entry (add, delete, edit and release records) in a most flexible database format.


At the end of this project, Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre will be able to use the newly develop system to keep record of their staff.

It will assist in future referring while bringing a comprehensive record of information about each staff within the shortest time. The system will therefore solve a major problem of generating, previewing and printing reports.


These study will involve studying the manual operation which is now used and to set a model way of keeping staff personnel record using the database management software (D.B.M.S).

This software consist of column for age, state of origin, gender, qualification, with a consideration of a possible increase in the number of staff present in the school in the nearest future.

In addition; insufficient information on this particular topic contributed to some delays. These are the limitations we encountered during our research which is not being able to get the attention  needed from the staffs of Professor Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre  and also we find it difficult to get to the public relation officer (PRO) on time.


To achieve the aim and objectives of these research work, a website was developed using the following programing languages; PHP, MYSQL, XHTML, XAMPP and CSS. In the aspect of data collection interview method and observation techniques were used for the research work.


CLIENT: A computer or workstation that is capable of obtaining information and applications from a server

COMPUTERIZED: To control, perform, process or store (a system, operation, or information) by means of or in an electronic computer.

DATABASE: A collection of data that is organized so that its contents can be easily accessed, managed and update.

INFORMATION RETRIEVAL: The tracing and recovery of specific information from stored data.

PERSONNEL: People employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking.

Record system: A set of records constituting a file

RECORD: A thing constituting a piece of evidence about past, especially an account kept in writing or some other permanent form.

SERVER: A computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.

STORAGE: The action of storing something for future use.


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Full Project – Computerized staff personnel record system