Modern Christians place a high value on the authority of the Bible. The Bible, in the eyes of Christians, is God’s inerrant word and the only reliable guide to life and faith. To them, the Bible is a holy book that reveals God to humanity and is full of wisdom on how to live a good life and how to be saved.

Multiple strategies are used by modern Christians to defend the Bible’s credibility. One of the most important methods is through the teachings of religious leaders and biblical experts. The significance of pastors, priests, and theologians in helping Christians interpret and live by the Bible cannot be overstated. Further, the authority of the Scriptures has been used to build creeds and doctrines by a wide variety of Christian denominations that serve as a guide for members’ faith and practise.

Modern Christians’ views on moral and ethical concerns are shaped in part by the Bible’s authority. They look to the Bible for answers about relationships, sexuality, social justice, and the value of human life. Christians look to the Bible for guidance in making moral choices because it contains the timeless principles and timeless teachings that inform their worldview. However, it is worth noting that various Christian groups and people may arrive to different conclusions about particular issues based on their own interpretations of the Scriptures.

Modernity and the advent of secularism pose challenges to Christianity, yet the authority of the Scriptures is still a core premise of modern Christianity. The Bible, in the eyes of many Christians, is an evergreen book since it deals with universal themes like hope and salvation. They consider the Bible to be the ultimate authority on all matters of faith and practise, and they place their faith in its ability to answer any and all of life’s most fundamental problems. Faith, unity, and the quest for a closer walk with God all have their roots in the authority of the Scriptures in modern Christianity.





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