Free Essay – Should Dowry be paid by Man or Woman? Debate

Free Essay – Should Dowry be paid by Man or Woman? Debate

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Dowry is a common custom in many societies, especially in South Asian civilizations. A dowry is a monetary or tangible gift given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family. In the past, a bride who did not get a suitable dowry faced rejection and even physical abuse from her new husband. However, current perspectives on dowry have shifted, and the issue of who should pay has sparked heated controversy.

Men paying the dowry

First, there is the widespread belief that the groom and his family should foot the bill for the wedding and care for the bride because they stand to gain the most from the union. They say this is because males are supposed to be the breadwinners in families, in keeping with conventional gender norms. One may also argue that males are in a better position to pay a dowry since they are more likely to be gainfully working and receive larger wages.

Women paying the dowry

On the other side, many people think that dowries are unfair and should never be required of women. They first argue that it’s discriminatory since it forces brides and their families to support the groom’s relatives without receiving anything in return. They say it reinforces the stereotype that women are worthless and must be purchased or bribed. They also claim that many families cannot afford to pay a dowry, which forces many young women to choose between finishing their education and getting married.

Furthermore, it is stated that the greed of the groom’s family in seeking more money from the bride’s family is typically the root cause of dowry-related violence. If a woman is unable to fulfill her husband’s or in-law’s expectations, she may be subjected to physical or mental abuse. As a result, there has been a growing movement to put an end to the institution of dowry.

In Summary

In conclusion, there is no clear answer to the question of who should pay the dowry. Others claim that it is harmful and discriminatory while supporters say it is a part of tradition. Ultimately, societal pressure or expectation shouldn’t determine who pays the dowry, but rather, the couple getting married. Preventing women from being economically exploited or harmed in the guise of tradition should be a top priority. In order to make the world a better, safer place for all people, it is time for society to reexamine this age-old custom.