Free Essay on How I Spent my Christmas Holiday

Free Essay on How I Spent my Christmas Holiday

Christmas is a season of great happiness, when friends and family gather to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic, Christmas 2018 was different from those in years past. While this may have been a negative experience, my loved ones and I made the best of it. The holiday season officially began when we began decking the halls with lights and ornaments. We decorated the tree for Christmas in the same way we always have, with each member of the family taking a turn.

Lights glittering and decorations glinting, the living area was breathtaking in its beauty. The decorations placed everyone in a joyous mood in anticipation of the celebrations to come. We celebrated Christmas eve with a trip to the church for the midnight service. Our hearts were warmed and our spirits lifted by the sight and sounds of the festively decorated church and its choir performing carols. Following the service, we all went home to exchange gifts around the Christmas tree.

Seeing the joy on my parents’ and siblings’ faces as they ripped into their gifts was a sight I will never forget. To get ready for our Christmas feast the next day, we all got up early. We wanted to make things easy, so we made some of our go-to meals, such roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. The apple pie we baked for dessert was a hit, too. As if the day couldn’t get any better, we all sat down to watch a Christmas movie on Netflix before lunch. It was planned that we would all take a stroll in the park after lunch. Festive Christmas decorations dotted the park, and passersby appeared to be having a good time. Getting together to take photographs, have fun, and catch up on each other’s lives was a welcome break from the routine of the weeks leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we had a small gathering of friends and family. Some wine was shared, games were played, and good times were had till far into the night.

What a joy it was to celebrate the holiday season with good friends. In retrospect, it was easily among the most memorable Christmases we’ve ever spent together. In spite of the fact that the pandemic had cut back on our festivities, it had allowed us to concentrate on what was truly important: spending time with one another and appreciating the present. In conclusion, my loved ones and I shared a peaceful and reflective holiday season together.

We celebrated the season by spending time with one another, eating, drinking, watching movies, and playing games. Even though the epidemic made it difficult to spend Christmas with our families, we did. We gave thanks, reflected, and helped those in need.

We anticipate the following Christmas with optimism, believing that by then the world will have improved enough to allow us to freely rejoice with our loved ones.